Friday, July 24, 2009

Coraline. Art. Random rants.

Oh my twitchy witchy girl, I think you are so nice, I give you bowls of porridge, & I give you bowls of ice cream, I give you lots of kisses, & I give you lots of hugs, but I never give you sandwiches with bugs in. - Coraline

I love Coraline. There's an immense respect I had for stop-motion animation, and Coraline is beautiful, even the dull colour hues in the 'real world' are interesting to feast your eyes on.

Overall the story gives an eerie feeling of having an alternate reality seperated by a small mysterious door at a corner of your living room - yesh, I love alternate realities, alternate dimensions, alternate personalities, alternate outcomes, alternate whatever there is. And a part of this story's moral basically tells no matter how sucky your current reality is, it IS always the better one; as long you're willing to try & look at it in a different, positive point of view & give it another chance to make it better. I'm just disappointed with the idea of the 'belman' controlling everything in the 'other world' & desperately needing someone to love. Probably 'cos I was expecting something more bizarre than that. Thanks Tara for the lend!

You know when you're asked an important question - be it trouble-wise, or relationship-wise kinda situation - somewhere in your mind, you know the answer, yet you couldn't put it all into words to tell it. THIS, is one of my flaws.

And now, I couldn't properly describe how I've been lately, so here's a list in point form.. 'cos I CAN:
• I dislike untrue news about me. Stop overreacting in defining people's actions, grow up.
• I wasn't really going after how high my increment will be. As long there is, in addition to the backlogged 4-5 months, which my salary should've been reviewed; I'm fine.
• I felt useless when I realised someone else could do something (perfectly) while I couldn't when I tried. I wasn't really worth the time afterall even as a friend.
• I am always the one who ask. I never get one in return. Someone else does. Simple things like this could crush my ego in a second. And it's been crushed several times so far.
• Wanted to walk out of office & head to the stairs by the elevators to cry during lunch today, I didn't. I just needed somewhere quiet & alone that's not my work desk.
• Consulted with Arty on a part of my problem, & bugga you do cheer me up & enlighten me on some things. It just hit the spot & you understood/expected what I'm trying to say even in just msn chat. You're too kind T_T (mampuih aku kalo u know I say this here lol TSA, YOU DON'T GO TELL HIM THIS OK!)
• I love midnights, and people might say I'm a weirdo for finding sitting in my kitchen downstairs at 2-3am sipping cold honey-lemon or snacking quietly while staring blankly at the dark living room IS mind-relaxing... (well that's one of the things I like doing during midnights). Though I must force myself to sleep EARLY... sigh.

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