Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tokyo trip loots...

...that I'm proud to own! >8D

Kazuma Kaneko's PANDEMONIUM Vol. 1~3 & ShinMegaTen Devil Summoner World Guidance bookssss.
These 3 PANDEMONIUM books (Black, Red & Purple) had been in my wishlist ever since I knew the awesomeness of Kazuma Kaneko years ago, but couldn't get my hands on it since it's all out of publication for a long time. Finding these 3 books was one of my objective in this Tokyo trip. Just gotta LOVE second-hand bookstores ♥♥♥ (Purple book frm K-Books in Akiba, Black & Red frm Mandarake in Nakano Broadway) Each page is worth every single yen spent, and I'm definitely treasuring these 3 books even though it's 2nd-handed, which's still in mint quality ^^

Whaddyacallit... bell keychains/straps.
For some reason I knew Japan sells a variety of these kinda bells that produce a low jingly sound. And it's true, almost everywhere are selling these kinds of bell. I got 3 for myself (another 2 are frm Disneyland). Just love the sound of it, it's quite therapeutic for someone weird like me lol. One thing I kinda regretted not getting is the wind chime I saw in Senso-ji Temple..... aahh it's only 300yen anyway stupid me~ *pictures that 300yen wind chime in her mind & despair for not getting it* ...

Phoenix Wright strap!
You're not a Phoenix Wright fan unless you own at least one of his merchandise! HAHA! Now I do~How could you resist a cute chibi Phoenix pointing forward with "OBJECTION!"

Sorta 'Cowboy' hat
Frm Disneyland! (ahh the shape's gone off a little thanks to my unskilled folding skill while packing) .. I've always wanted a cowboy-looking hat. Not sure where else I'm gonna wear this though, it just feels perfectly normal wearing this around Tokyo ;__; (Random person: Then why the heck do you bought it for?)

Random pattern bag
Got this from the shops in Senso-ji Temple. And another pattern for Ash. It's BROWN, with some retro-harmony colours/patterns with it = LOVE = BUYI was stuck between 3 varieties of this design (beige, baby pink or baby blue) YUE group majority votes for beige, so beige it is! It's just a simple non-heavy duty bag, but the design is yummy. I dunno WTH is 'Diana & Francis' though.

There are still some other loots that I'm fond of; one of it are the ice-gel packs they provide along with cold dessert takeaways (to keep the dessert cool)... Some people might say I'm silly to keep these stuff back, but I think the ice-gel packs are cool 0__0
I miss Tokyo food already.... delicious vendoring machine gyudon~ salty ramen~ salmon+ebiko onigiri~ takoyaki~ purin~ Food we ate are usually below 1000yen for 2-3 person (we shared meals all the time). The last few days I survived on 100yen noodle cup & less than 200yen onigiris for dinners. It's kinda pathethic in other people's POV, but to me it's something memorable & sweet desu :'D

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