Sunday, September 13, 2009

The five petals. Art.

It's like flowers, it's beautiful while it blossoms, and in time it eventually withers away.

I fail to see the symbolism of flowers as a gift to a loved one; especially roses – it dies fast, that’s why they’re so prized when they're beautifully fresh and delicate. Hahah, but this is just my personal POV & preference.
Flowers are indeed beautiful (esp. given from someone special), but that's just it. It dies, & down the garbage bin it goes - not being able to keep it.

Above sketch - P3's Akihiko giving carnations to Minato (super unlike Akihiko, I know): This might not be the right way to hold flowers, & not to forget the wrong hand angles *ack* My hand drawing is degrading.

Despite what I'm supposed to accomplish by this week, I started P4. Naming my hero 'Kaji' (no not after the BM word). I like the concept of putting on glasses inside the TV world. Hawt

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