Thursday, September 24, 2009

It feels artificial now, indeed.

Finally one (or two - w/o the additional live cuts) that plays the 'kaleidoscope' animations smoothly. In contrary of the post's title; I love this PV, & Shiina Ringo; especially in this song.

Not sleeping good lately. Even though 4 days of holidays just passed *despair...*
P.S. Dexter is hawt. Especially when he does that look *unexplainable* AAGH

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The five petals. Art.

It's like flowers, it's beautiful while it blossoms, and in time it eventually withers away.

I fail to see the symbolism of flowers as a gift to a loved one; especially roses – it dies fast, that’s why they’re so prized when they're beautifully fresh and delicate. Hahah, but this is just my personal POV & preference.
Flowers are indeed beautiful (esp. given from someone special), but that's just it. It dies, & down the garbage bin it goes - not being able to keep it.

Above sketch - P3's Akihiko giving carnations to Minato (super unlike Akihiko, I know): This might not be the right way to hold flowers, & not to forget the wrong hand angles *ack* My hand drawing is degrading.

Despite what I'm supposed to accomplish by this week, I started P4. Naming my hero 'Kaji' (no not after the BM word). I like the concept of putting on glasses inside the TV world. Hawt

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Incredibly uninspired & bored.

What's the use of a 3 consecutive holidays when you had zero plans for it - except to work on a submission *gasp* Worried but gosh, if only there's some kinda motivational drug. I'm not excited enough to express a "YAY IT'S HOLIDAY" on FB or Twitter or whatever social networking crap there are & rushes home from work & be.. uh excited. It's blasphemy for myself to not like holidays, but yeeaaaahh for once, I'd prefer going to work (the aircon, the fast connection) while procrastinating from work... duh.

I was bored, & clicked on a fellow twitter's link (yea fun way to browse stuff online) & discovered LeSportsac bags. Hey the one I got just looks the same *points photo* ... AH now I see... but the one I got from Senso-ji Temple was definitely waaaay cheaper; but as we say.. "yat chin yat fan for" (canton) I had no idea how LeSportsac bags looks like previously. Anywaysss, as long it look nice & affordable, who cares v_v


Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka. District 9

Despite some people are saying.. why celebrate Merdeka when democracy is dead. Ah phooey, it's a 3 days holiday this weekend so stop being politically emo & just celebrate it already! HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY, MALAYSIA!

Though yours truly is spending the moment as how she usually pass her weekends at home, either on her bed reading/sleeping or in front of the PC drawing/watching vids/reading random stuff online.

I was too bored... & too reluctant to start sketching on a storyboard for submission.

District 9

My first impression before I actually saw the movie was – NieA_7. Too lazy to explain why.
The idea of this movie was discrimination against aliens who took refuge on earth. Prolly it’s about time someone does a reverse plot of the usual aliens invading earth by attacking/eating/infecting/experimenting humans. District 9 is the other way round; yes even eating aliens.
What I’m most fond of this movie is the depiction of the main human protagonist, Wikus from an ordinary, hopeful, working husband into a deranged, infected survivor against his own organization. This transition simultaneously conveys Wikus’ anguish & dismay of what’s happening to him. I hated him for his egocentric & prejudiced personality throughout the show, & yet I wouldn’t want this character to fail. Sure, that scene where he turned back for Christopher & asked him to run ahead were cheesy & cliché somewhat, but IMO it’s all done in a splendid outcome. And what’s the other best thing about this movie? All hateable evil villains gets what they deserved
(the ‘watermelon burst’ effects are exciting yes?)

It's that feeling again, broken & lost for words. I didn't mean to be accusive nor skeptical. Yes, I don't understand. Yes, I couldn't handle. Yes, you're damn right. Because I'm like a one-sided wing that keeps flying in circles on the ground - I guess that's how things are between us.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Some anime OP/ED piece

For its worth of music or animation sequence or both! Was youtubing around for MONORAL, & somewhat turned into an anime OP/ED surfing. I'll start with the most (not so) recent anime:

Ergo Proxy's OP [Kiri by MONORAL]

Kiri's by far MONORAL's most popular piece thanks to Ergo Proxy. And I'd admit it's the song that made me love the opening animation. The anime's great too btw; if anyone would favor a deep & mysterious plot of story, this is one anime for you.

Monster's OP [Grain]

The haunting theme that suits Monster's story plot I'd say.

Cowboy Bebop's OP [Tank! by The Seatbelts/Yoko Kanno]

This is another opening animation I'd never skip/forward. The first few seconds of the track had me hooked.

Cowboy Bebop OST 2 [Forever Broke]

I could go on posting up almost each & every track of all Bebop's OST albums (Yoko Kanno is just so brilliant) This is one track I'd leave on looping endlessly in the midst of a quiet night.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [Gotta Knock A Little Harder]

Couldn't describe how much I love this ending theme when I saw the movie yearsss ago. I'm bad in explaning things I love ain't I *shrugs*

And here's a classic 80's anime which is...
SDF MACROSS: Do You Remember Love?

Who's an anime fan & doesn't know Minmay? Shame on you! This song is a classic hit. Scene of final battle of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross movie with Lynn Minmay singing.

Ah I had alot more.. but I guess that's it for now. I'm dreading to wake up for work sigh oh well it's Friday anyway.. Sleep time!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tokyo trip loots...

...that I'm proud to own! >8D

Kazuma Kaneko's PANDEMONIUM Vol. 1~3 & ShinMegaTen Devil Summoner World Guidance bookssss.
These 3 PANDEMONIUM books (Black, Red & Purple) had been in my wishlist ever since I knew the awesomeness of Kazuma Kaneko years ago, but couldn't get my hands on it since it's all out of publication for a long time. Finding these 3 books was one of my objective in this Tokyo trip. Just gotta LOVE second-hand bookstores ♥♥♥ (Purple book frm K-Books in Akiba, Black & Red frm Mandarake in Nakano Broadway) Each page is worth every single yen spent, and I'm definitely treasuring these 3 books even though it's 2nd-handed, which's still in mint quality ^^

Whaddyacallit... bell keychains/straps.
For some reason I knew Japan sells a variety of these kinda bells that produce a low jingly sound. And it's true, almost everywhere are selling these kinds of bell. I got 3 for myself (another 2 are frm Disneyland). Just love the sound of it, it's quite therapeutic for someone weird like me lol. One thing I kinda regretted not getting is the wind chime I saw in Senso-ji Temple..... aahh it's only 300yen anyway stupid me~ *pictures that 300yen wind chime in her mind & despair for not getting it* ...

Phoenix Wright strap!
You're not a Phoenix Wright fan unless you own at least one of his merchandise! HAHA! Now I do~How could you resist a cute chibi Phoenix pointing forward with "OBJECTION!"

Sorta 'Cowboy' hat
Frm Disneyland! (ahh the shape's gone off a little thanks to my unskilled folding skill while packing) .. I've always wanted a cowboy-looking hat. Not sure where else I'm gonna wear this though, it just feels perfectly normal wearing this around Tokyo ;__; (Random person: Then why the heck do you bought it for?)

Random pattern bag
Got this from the shops in Senso-ji Temple. And another pattern for Ash. It's BROWN, with some retro-harmony colours/patterns with it = LOVE = BUYI was stuck between 3 varieties of this design (beige, baby pink or baby blue) YUE group majority votes for beige, so beige it is! It's just a simple non-heavy duty bag, but the design is yummy. I dunno WTH is 'Diana & Francis' though.

There are still some other loots that I'm fond of; one of it are the ice-gel packs they provide along with cold dessert takeaways (to keep the dessert cool)... Some people might say I'm silly to keep these stuff back, but I think the ice-gel packs are cool 0__0
I miss Tokyo food already.... delicious vendoring machine gyudon~ salty ramen~ salmon+ebiko onigiri~ takoyaki~ purin~ Food we ate are usually below 1000yen for 2-3 person (we shared meals all the time). The last few days I survived on 100yen noodle cup & less than 200yen onigiris for dinners. It's kinda pathethic in other people's POV, but to me it's something memorable & sweet desu :'D

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If I had a tail like a dog...'d probably be making a buzzing sound from shaking so quickly with hidden joy.
"Aah, I'm so lucky that I'm not a dog". I thought to myself with relief.
Thinking that, I was amazed at myself for being such an idiot.

After a (sorta) 10 days vacation in Tokyo, Japan - here I am back at home. And I miss Tokyo already. MUCH. Please teleport me back even just for 5 minutes. Yes, I enjoyed the trip very very very much. Thank you Pea, Miaow & Iluna, for making this trip memorable indeed. Hmm photos? Uhm I'll leave the selecting, resizing & uploading job for another day where I'd have more time to spare (I guess you could say I'm abit tad lazy...) *shot* For some odd reasons, I miss the train rides... especially the train station in Ikebukuro (West exit... West exit...) ^^;

And watching 5cm/s by Makoto Shinkai (recommended by Iluna) just makes me miss the trains even more ;__;

I'm up for some emo anime & 5cm/s IS emo... Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good; sad romance with lotsa symbolism, & I like that combination. Here's a quote frm the youtube itself abt this OVA: This film gives a realistic view of the struggles many face against; time, space, people, and love. The movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second for the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall- petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways. Yesh, do watch it.

5cm/s is a total opposite genre from me being recently converted into a Saint Young Men fangirl... Anyone who's interested in Jesus-Buddha coming down to earth for a vacation in Japan humour, PLEASE. DO. READ. Saint Onii-san~I didn't expect that much hilarity in it till I was actually hooked to it when I take a look on Pea's SYM books. There's a regret in me for not getting the Saint Evangelion doujin we saw in Mandarake.... the cover illust itself is a WIN.

Another recent fandom is HETALIA (Axis Powers HETALIA), which's popular among girls in Japan now. A few rows of coin figurines could vanish in just a day.. (ah.. Russia....................... I was too late... TT_TT) It started as a satire webcomic about historical facts & relations during World War I & II countries; which's represented by mostly male characters. Thus far, I'm still fond of Russia. "VODKA~~~~~~"

I need a shower...
I wish there's a Yoyogi Park here where I could take a picnic observing trees & birds while listening to the faint ambience sound of an uncle practicing with his saxophone...

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