Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tokyo trip loots...

...that I'm proud to own! >8D

Kazuma Kaneko's PANDEMONIUM Vol. 1~3 & ShinMegaTen Devil Summoner World Guidance bookssss.
These 3 PANDEMONIUM books (Black, Red & Purple) had been in my wishlist ever since I knew the awesomeness of Kazuma Kaneko years ago, but couldn't get my hands on it since it's all out of publication for a long time. Finding these 3 books was one of my objective in this Tokyo trip. Just gotta LOVE second-hand bookstores ♥♥♥ (Purple book frm K-Books in Akiba, Black & Red frm Mandarake in Nakano Broadway) Each page is worth every single yen spent, and I'm definitely treasuring these 3 books even though it's 2nd-handed, which's still in mint quality ^^

Whaddyacallit... bell keychains/straps.
For some reason I knew Japan sells a variety of these kinda bells that produce a low jingly sound. And it's true, almost everywhere are selling these kinds of bell. I got 3 for myself (another 2 are frm Disneyland). Just love the sound of it, it's quite therapeutic for someone weird like me lol. One thing I kinda regretted not getting is the wind chime I saw in Senso-ji Temple..... aahh it's only 300yen anyway stupid me~ *pictures that 300yen wind chime in her mind & despair for not getting it* ...

Phoenix Wright strap!
You're not a Phoenix Wright fan unless you own at least one of his merchandise! HAHA! Now I do~How could you resist a cute chibi Phoenix pointing forward with "OBJECTION!"

Sorta 'Cowboy' hat
Frm Disneyland! (ahh the shape's gone off a little thanks to my unskilled folding skill while packing) .. I've always wanted a cowboy-looking hat. Not sure where else I'm gonna wear this though, it just feels perfectly normal wearing this around Tokyo ;__; (Random person: Then why the heck do you bought it for?)

Random pattern bag
Got this from the shops in Senso-ji Temple. And another pattern for Ash. It's BROWN, with some retro-harmony colours/patterns with it = LOVE = BUYI was stuck between 3 varieties of this design (beige, baby pink or baby blue) YUE group majority votes for beige, so beige it is! It's just a simple non-heavy duty bag, but the design is yummy. I dunno WTH is 'Diana & Francis' though.

There are still some other loots that I'm fond of; one of it are the ice-gel packs they provide along with cold dessert takeaways (to keep the dessert cool)... Some people might say I'm silly to keep these stuff back, but I think the ice-gel packs are cool 0__0
I miss Tokyo food already.... delicious vendoring machine gyudon~ salty ramen~ salmon+ebiko onigiri~ takoyaki~ purin~ Food we ate are usually below 1000yen for 2-3 person (we shared meals all the time). The last few days I survived on 100yen noodle cup & less than 200yen onigiris for dinners. It's kinda pathethic in other people's POV, but to me it's something memorable & sweet desu :'D

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Monday, June 15, 2009

BFF. Traumatised. 24. $

It's been a loooong while since the last time I'd seen Ash. Never a dull moment with you again, and I thought it'd be hard to tell you my thoughts, but turned out we actually shared the same situation. It's a mutual understanding we've been sharing for the past xx years. THATSWHYILOVEYOUeventhoughIhatedyouforbeingsuchabusybeetchlol

And a durian seller HAD to ruin my night out by conveying his stupid thoughts to me while blocking the back of my car with his durian truck. I miss durian. But I'm NOT INTERESTED in making friends with a durian seller okaayyy...!!! *traumatised by lameness x9999* Orz (WHY? WHY???)

I'm finally done with 24 season 4! I lovelovelove Tony x Michelle - Didn't know I'm a sucker for sad & romantic relationships. Season 5 next, even though I'd already known few of my favourite characters are gonna be killed off (I spoilt myself) ;__;

Been doing some shopping for the past weeks.
Total # of new loots = 5
(1) Skimmer shoe bronze
(2) Skimmer shoe white
(3) Outdoor shoe
(3) Jeans
(4) Dress
(5) Face powder
Approx. total monies spent = RM510.

What the frigg?! *despair...*

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008: my lewtz :D

It's not much. Has yet to go through all of them, but I did less doujin shopping this year I think. Spent approx. RM154, since I've forgotten the price of some of the books. As usual, my brain was half-awake (or quarter) throughout both CF days due to the lack of sleep for the entire week before +_+

The venue for this year's CF is great; wide, more spacious, comfy chair, nice air-conditioning, nice neighbours (Daruma), and Sunway Pyramid convention center is just about 25 mins away from my house. The only drawback was the entrance fee, but I wouldn't complain since the venue is great. And it's a great thing they've decided to disallow cosplay photography within the doujin booths on the 2nd day.

Speaking of Daruma, it's such a surprise to see Santa, Andy, and KF/Chopstick again! (para-para senpai sekalian~!) And they're just next door neighbours - Such coincidence desu! ^^ Also long-time-see-kawan Lily! Lynling! (congrats for Chocofan & FMA sold-out sales & prize winner!!) Amber, Miaka, Yogi, Mel, Ze Ming, Constance, Ah Yap, Apai, Njay, KOK LEE, etc etc~~ <3<3

Now YUE #7! I must post some shots of it (should've pimp this before CF but oh well):

Sales wasn't bad, I'm personally happy with it but it'd be mostly thanks to Pea! (and sorry for being so mou yung in hard selling orz..) And next year would be our YUE's 10th year anniversary~ Yup, TEN YEARS! TT_TT We'll see what we could cook up for next year! :3

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Some game rants, Art post, David A - Angels

I miss my PS2. I also miss the days I get to enjoy playing RPGs all day long on my PS1 without much worries (homeworks: 3/4 were copied, exams: 2 hours of study perday, school curriculum activies: 98% ponteng).

Final Fantasy VII
was my first RPG game; that's the reason why my bro got our PS1. Wild Arms or Breath of Fire III were my 2nd/3rd RPG game. Suikoden I & II, Xenogears came later. Resident Evil 3 was my first survival horror game thanks to a friend of mine who 'forced' me to play it (I was scared of playing RE games, but not till I actually play it! >8D) King of Fighters '96 was my first fighting game on the PS1. As for PS2, my first RPG game was Final Fantasy X. First survival horror was Silent Hill 2, first action adventure was Devil May Cry. And the rest I lost count.

My first PS3 game is Devil May Cry 4! ^o^ Finally got it yesterday at Summit after going for Street Kings with Ash (then rushing back home for American Idol 7 on 8TV). The shop dude was giggling at the way I took out my money (kept my monies at separate places: wallet, pants & bag pocket - don't ask me why) #_# And it's NOT cheap okay? The only other thing I'm willing to pay RM200 or above are books or a hair makeover (like once a year?) =A=

Art post:

A commission from y0sh1r0 on his OC, Takayuki. Here's only the lineart of it. Finally I have some art to post...!

David Archuleta - Angels

David performing "Angels" by Robbie Williams on his Top 8 Inspirational Songs Week. Somehow it's expected he'd sing this song @_@ "Despite what you're going through, there's always a light in the end of the tunnel". You go, boy! His live performance was better than his studio version IMO 'cos I *LOVE* how he ends his song in the performance <3 >83

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vergil ARTFX

[1] Finish my 1st comic submission 'hardworking-ly'.
[2] Finish my 1st comic submission as soon as I can.
[3] Finish Tsa's logo as soon as I can.
[4] Finish Ethereal chapter 3 for YUE7 by 21st(?) / as soon as I can.

[1] Watch AVGN videos.
[2] Watch Ghost Hunters (TAPS) on youtube.
[3] Watch American Idol s.7 on 8tv.
[4] Hunt for DMC3 Vergil ARTFX figurine online.
[5] Blog.

Ironically I did everything on "shouldn't do's" & did NOTHING on "should do's" >8D Someone should whip me! *headshot*
But I promised myself to finish my work submission by the end of next week. I feel so bad for being so lame & sloooww... T__T (sorry ben, will work hard! and smart!) T__T

And why would someone release something like this:

EVIL #_______# How could they release something so evil like this. More clearer, bigger photos of him here.
I thought there wouldn't be any decent Vergil figurine, & now there's one, & it's f-ing expensive. It costs almost RM300 in XL-Shop, and RM300+ elsewhere online. W-H-Y-??? Now I just hope I got my preorder & my card works fine (Yes, I actually went & order it!) o_o Hence, the $$$ that I reserved for getting DMC4 goes to THIS. Heck, this' even more expensive than getting DMC4. But I really hope my preorder goes fine. Having a cool Vergil figurine has been one from my wishlist.

Back to work. I procrastinate TOOOOOOO much I should be ashamed of myself.. OTL

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another work stress release rant >8D

Boss says:
[1] We're WAY back on our edutainment cartoon's 6 pilot episodes deadline, which's on November, while currently we're only just starting on episode 2 (not to forget there's some VO-keyframe adjustments yet to do).
[2] BK movie has to be good; better than previous locally done featured animations. And a local cinema company is most probably sponsoring on it, bla bla bla... So we've got to improve our skills more, work harder, etc.

So what I think:
[1] That all basically means we've gotta continue on doing OT's for an extra 2-3 hours (total 10-11 hours) everyday, and work fulltime every Saturday.
[2] In order to produce great quality 2D animations for the company; you expect even MORE from us: our effort & our time. Yet as an employee ourselves, we don't see any 'bonus/benefit' we're getting by doing so in the first place.

HOW do you expect unmotivated soldiers to fight & win a war for you, while you're continuing on demotivating them at the same time??? =_=

I'm very tired, and my health is certainly neglecting. I don't get sick this easily before, but now I'm falling sick almost every week (& I'm not exaggerating). I don't get much time to do what I want or have to do for myself either. This is not a happy life at all! OTL

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Work that goes down the drain. Some art post.

Been almost a week I did not touch my Persona 3 since my PS2 broke down AGAIN for the 4th or 5th time & sent it for repair AGAIN *despairs* Someone sponsor me a new PS2...? ;__; I'm already reserving $$$ for a PSP later this month or maybe only after I finish my Persona 3. I'm so eager to meet Koromaru! >w< Work:
After few months on this job, it's already in the process of eating my personal life AWAY. Mon-Sat, 10am-8/9pm all goes to work, the remaining time & Sundays are the only time I get to BE AT HOME & do whatever I want (which I spent 3/4 of it sleeping 'cos I'm SO FRIGGIN' TIRED by the end of the week).

I was working on one file for the entire day today, a task given by a senior. And it's my first time working on this new character for this upcoming new series; so I know nuts about this new character (action, behaviour, etc.) as well as this 'advance super-smooth animation technique' that we gotta use for this iNtErNaTiOnAl cartoon. Thus I: draw, redraw, adjust, draw, "it doesn't look right" - so continue drawing, director came by & giving hints that it's an urgent file - OKAY, draw, think, draw, I mainly got myself frustrated over a simple animation (yes, it's just only a simple animation actually, look how SLOW & WORTHLESS I am!), boss also came by urging me to finish it - OKAY, and so I kept working on it till over 9pm, however in the end, my seniors found out that the animation I was working on is actually NOT NEEDED.

Apparently my director finally check that animation scene with the VO at the end of the day and found out it's unnecessary for that action.


Oh yes, they should've check with the VO timing before handing me that task in the first place. Sigh. You guys are SO kind...! *shakes fist*
My collegue, ZeMing gave me a belated present today, which really surprised me! I did not expect he'd take my joke ("yes it's my bday, where's my present?" thingy) seriously. Gomen gomen >A< *guilty* But thank yoU!! It's a decorative candle(?) I don't know if I could actually light it... but it'll be a waste if I don't light it.. Though it'll burn away those decorative stuff in it if I do.. owO; Art dump:

Persona 3 fanart - Akihiko Sanada (above). Below are OCs unless stated otherwise.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Comiworld, flat tyre, sick.

Comiworld was held on 18th-20th August at Cineleisure Damansara.
Most of my collegues (esp. chinese-only speakers) pronounced it as "Comicworld" instead of Comiworld, even if I repeated to them it's C-o-m-i-w-o-r-l-d, w/o the C.. But then I gave up, whatever they wanna call it =w=;
I only get to go on 19th.

First, a pimpage of YUE's latest sketchbook (click image link to enlarge):
It's late to pimp this by now but we're doing online ordering as well :3

Price: US$ 4, not including shipping.
Content: 35 pages worth of sketches in total by Miaow/Kyou, Pea, Hooli & Chibiying/Lexaross.
Interested or questions just note Miaow in DA or ask me here or anywhere you could find me.

Continuing my day on Comiworld, to simplify everything:
Morning: my car got a flat tyre while almost reaching Pea's place. My bad. Really thankful to Pea, Miaow & friends, Pea's neighbour, & her dad for helping! I'm such an idiot when it comes to car problems.
Noon: started opening YUE booth. Sales was poor. Lotsa passer-by's & shoppers instead of doujin/comic fans. Didn't expect the whole event to be THAT scattered throughout the shopping mall...
Evening: Close & packed around 6.30-7pm. Decided to join the big crowd for dinner out of Cineleisure/Curve/Ikea/Ikano; leaving Miaow & friends behind at their movie :| Sorry, we did not do that on purpose, but we had our reasons for not staying back.

Loots: DMC doujin, Vergil & Lady card & stickers all from the booth nextdoor :3 Inu mo Arukeba / Man's Best Friend manga by Kazusa Takashima (finally get to own one of her manga~), a small Spongebob plushie, & a KLP comic shared with Pea. Plus a RM40 worth of petrol for the week goes to my car + lunch$ + dinner$ = total flat wallet T__T

Today: Caught flu + slight fever. Been watching ONE PIECE episodes almost the entire noon since I skipped work (shh..!) Tyre damage cost = RM110 (got a whole new tyre). Orz.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

KTVs are not my place to be

I might be outdated, but I'm surprised to find there's some (3-5?) Gackt's song in Galaxy's KTV song list; There's alot of Luna Sea's though. Unfortunately I'm barely capable of SINGING especially Gackt's songs.. OTL (me singing?? y u c k la..)

And I find it funny whenever my friend try picking out Japanese karaoke song for me, it'll HAVE to be Utada Hikaru's "First Love" ...... I know it's a hit song GENERALLY, but it's NOT EVEN MY FAV SONG! (don't even have that mp3 in my HD right now & before!) It's a mistake to assume every J-pop fan Japanese song listener's fav J-song is "First Love"..! >_< Well, IF that's what my friend was thinking all along anyway... I can't sing Gackt's songs. I can't sing Hikki's songs (both their songs are difficult to sing-along IMO)... And I can't sing alot of other songs which happened to be my favs ironically OTL Hence it's a total waste for me to even step in a KTV =3=

But yesterday night/midnight I HAD to, 'cos it's my friend's birthday, & I was carpooling a friend's car - can't go home yet! It costs a whooping RM62 per person (10.30pm-3am).....;;; Considering that I hardly even sing, save for the (cheap) buffet desserts & beers; 'TEETH PAIN'~!! *cries in heart* OTL OTL OTL Though my birthday friend already treated us all for a seafood dinner before that, soIguessitsokay? *shot*
I'm bad... badbadbadbad....~

I love Gackt's Love Letter & Diabolos album btw (right, I'm pretty outdated!)... Gackt-moe~ <3

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