Thursday, September 24, 2009

It feels artificial now, indeed.

Finally one (or two - w/o the additional live cuts) that plays the 'kaleidoscope' animations smoothly. In contrary of the post's title; I love this PV, & Shiina Ringo; especially in this song.

Not sleeping good lately. Even though 4 days of holidays just passed *despair...*
P.S. Dexter is hawt. Especially when he does that look *unexplainable* AAGH

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka. District 9

Despite some people are saying.. why celebrate Merdeka when democracy is dead. Ah phooey, it's a 3 days holiday this weekend so stop being politically emo & just celebrate it already! HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY, MALAYSIA!

Though yours truly is spending the moment as how she usually pass her weekends at home, either on her bed reading/sleeping or in front of the PC drawing/watching vids/reading random stuff online.

I was too bored... & too reluctant to start sketching on a storyboard for submission.

District 9

My first impression before I actually saw the movie was – NieA_7. Too lazy to explain why.
The idea of this movie was discrimination against aliens who took refuge on earth. Prolly it’s about time someone does a reverse plot of the usual aliens invading earth by attacking/eating/infecting/experimenting humans. District 9 is the other way round; yes even eating aliens.
What I’m most fond of this movie is the depiction of the main human protagonist, Wikus from an ordinary, hopeful, working husband into a deranged, infected survivor against his own organization. This transition simultaneously conveys Wikus’ anguish & dismay of what’s happening to him. I hated him for his egocentric & prejudiced personality throughout the show, & yet I wouldn’t want this character to fail. Sure, that scene where he turned back for Christopher & asked him to run ahead were cheesy & cliché somewhat, but IMO it’s all done in a splendid outcome. And what’s the other best thing about this movie? All hateable evil villains gets what they deserved
(the ‘watermelon burst’ effects are exciting yes?)

It's that feeling again, broken & lost for words. I didn't mean to be accusive nor skeptical. Yes, I don't understand. Yes, I couldn't handle. Yes, you're damn right. Because I'm like a one-sided wing that keeps flying in circles on the ground - I guess that's how things are between us.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Needs to vent.

Because I doubt anyone would be pleased to listen or read what I have to vomit. Basically I am having this immense mixed up feelings of disappointment, hate, anger, confused, moronic, & dissatisfaction. Yes you guessed it, this is a hate(sort of) post. Why isn't Friday coming any sooner.

Alas, after FOUR (5 to be exact) friggin' months finally there's a confirmation letter. Probation should've ended by mid February, though I have no fucking idea with the extra months for a confirmation. Did they mean they've extended my probation to 10 months? 'Cos of my punctuality? My inability to produce decent design? If it's so, why wasn't there any notice? This just simply doesn't justify the increment from July onwards. SO WHAT ABOUT THE PAST 4 MONTHS' PAY? Just forget about it?? Clientele complications is NONE of my beeswax.

I did not expect I'd reach this point of time again so soon, where I'm pondering about the work I do. Am I happy. Am I satisfied. Am I eager to continue on like this. The answer is NO. If so, what am I gonna do about it. What am I gonna do to change these negativities into something more positive. What are my alternate options. What other things I can do, but I've yet to try. I do admit I am very lucky that I only have minor financial commitments.

Bottomline, I'm still not happy with what I do. I can't see myself doing this for the next five years, I don't see any prospect in it, I don't see any sort of achievement that I'm seeking, and deep down, I'm not a big fan of artsy design. I'm planning to rekindle my passion for drawing again once more, IF it goes through for the first time, cool! I guess it's just whether am I willing to take the initiative & heart in doing it in the first place. Failure for once or twice or bajillion times isn't an excuse to run away from it.

In DMC (yes, this kuso anime), I find Negishi putting up courage singing his fav song by the streets with his guitar while being ignored by the passers-by is something to look up to. Funny, silly awful, & fictional, but at least he has the guts to do something he loves & feel happy about it. So tell that to myself *failure*

Yesterday I interrogated someone in a wrongful way based on an assumption. I realised my mistake later on. And it hurts the most when the anger I felt is developed towards myself. Nothing can be done, except being apologetic, & thinking what an ass I am. And there I was calling people an ass. I shall dig a hole and hide in.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Coraline. Art. Random rants.

Oh my twitchy witchy girl, I think you are so nice, I give you bowls of porridge, & I give you bowls of ice cream, I give you lots of kisses, & I give you lots of hugs, but I never give you sandwiches with bugs in. - Coraline

I love Coraline. There's an immense respect I had for stop-motion animation, and Coraline is beautiful, even the dull colour hues in the 'real world' are interesting to feast your eyes on.

Overall the story gives an eerie feeling of having an alternate reality seperated by a small mysterious door at a corner of your living room - yesh, I love alternate realities, alternate dimensions, alternate personalities, alternate outcomes, alternate whatever there is. And a part of this story's moral basically tells no matter how sucky your current reality is, it IS always the better one; as long you're willing to try & look at it in a different, positive point of view & give it another chance to make it better. I'm just disappointed with the idea of the 'belman' controlling everything in the 'other world' & desperately needing someone to love. Probably 'cos I was expecting something more bizarre than that. Thanks Tara for the lend!

You know when you're asked an important question - be it trouble-wise, or relationship-wise kinda situation - somewhere in your mind, you know the answer, yet you couldn't put it all into words to tell it. THIS, is one of my flaws.

And now, I couldn't properly describe how I've been lately, so here's a list in point form.. 'cos I CAN:
• I dislike untrue news about me. Stop overreacting in defining people's actions, grow up.
• I wasn't really going after how high my increment will be. As long there is, in addition to the backlogged 4-5 months, which my salary should've been reviewed; I'm fine.
• I felt useless when I realised someone else could do something (perfectly) while I couldn't when I tried. I wasn't really worth the time afterall even as a friend.
• I am always the one who ask. I never get one in return. Someone else does. Simple things like this could crush my ego in a second. And it's been crushed several times so far.
• Wanted to walk out of office & head to the stairs by the elevators to cry during lunch today, I didn't. I just needed somewhere quiet & alone that's not my work desk.
• Consulted with Arty on a part of my problem, & bugga you do cheer me up & enlighten me on some things. It just hit the spot & you understood/expected what I'm trying to say even in just msn chat. You're too kind T_T (mampuih aku kalo u know I say this here lol TSA, YOU DON'T GO TELL HIM THIS OK!)
• I love midnights, and people might say I'm a weirdo for finding sitting in my kitchen downstairs at 2-3am sipping cold honey-lemon or snacking quietly while staring blankly at the dark living room IS mind-relaxing... (well that's one of the things I like doing during midnights). Though I must force myself to sleep EARLY... sigh.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No need for words

Thoughts that can't be conveyed through words; yeah why not just plug in & listen then. Simple. WRONG! Reality doesn't work that way! *throws in pessimistic vibes like a villain*

It's what I ended up doing by looping Fyrsta (Sigur Rós) - I had to mention that the opening of this track is Silent Hill-ish, but in an instant later it drops in a serenely tune ♥ Both are meant to be males, but somehow.. well, I dunno, they turned feminine as I progress through this.... (in other words, I failed) Pardon my lack of better ideas & creativity, it's another attempt to draw something out, at least. My capability is seriously getting rustier from being already rusted bajillion years agoooo. Shame on me.

Ever since the Cameron trip, I've been so restless. Does it have anything to do with it in the first place anyway..? =_= I love my bed. Wanted to rant about the movies I've seen recently & some random thoughts that I (as usual) failed to speak out clearly, etc. maybe I should read more books with only words instead of pictures to improve my vocabulary <--- not making any sense. YARGH. It means it's time for bed... *crawls to lovely comfy bed*

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two blows & indeed, it shattered.

If one would ask me to explain my life in one word, "irony" it is.

In this same time, two sides of my family (mom-dad's) are reuniting here in PJ, mainly from Australia - which is an ultra rare occasion. I'll be seeing my uncles, aunties, cousins from both sides within this short period of time. Both occured for the same reason: my grandma(s). Except, one's to commemorate her 80th birthday, one's to attend her funeral. Both would be taking place at the same day. It just happens.

One of my grandma has left us this early morning. All I can say is, I apologise for not being a good granddaughter; I was never been one to you. Yearsss ago I'd always thought you love teasing me (yeah I'm the youngest & most worthless), giving me frozen, expired chocolates fresh from the fridge whenever I come over, etc., but in the end, you're still my grandma. And what I had mention are only memories now. I'll try harder not to be a worthless granddaughter, I've been trying to. May you rest in peace. All I could do during the first day of funeral today was staring blankly at your photo. I didn't have the courage to walk forward & see you & tell you that I am here, I am afraid I might break when I do.

On another matter, I know some of you guys has been reading or maybe just scrolling through my blog posts. Well just admit it you guys, you're not interested with my daily happenings or what I generally thinks about the ants I just stepped on - except for anything regarding this person we knew. I don't blame your curiosity. Even though I knew how deceiving this person is from the beginning, I've gotta admit I grew fond of him. I'm a mouse who goes for the cheese knowingly it's a trap surrounding it. It's foolish. I couldn't answer specifically WHY and HOW, and frankly, that kinda question is getting silly IMO (lol, a silly question to ask a foolish human, quite a match ya?)

Your natural way of talking just basically shows the intent & the way you've been taking my trust as. Your words, concerns & actions, was it all your natural way of talking as well? By forced courtesy? My thoughts here, it should be entertaining for you. I thank you but I'm not flattered. It might be so because I'm the girl with a blog. Oooh let's see what she blogs about me. Be amused, drama's here. Another thing is, you know how terribly serious I take what people see about what I draw. I don't need to reiterate how sadden I am. My effort & happiness just seems like an entire joke for real now, by just how natural the way you talk. My trust for naught.

In the end, you're not entirely to blame for. It is I who failed to take things with an open mind. Though as I said, I am willing to listen as long you're willing to tell. And I'd take your word for it. I am a simple-minded person afterall. I don't enjoy the act of poking questions. I don't enjoy the feeling of not knowing. I don't enjoy the act of suspicion. I am a person who've been cheated once for my 'simple-minded ness'. Therefore I am paranoid at times. Cheated twice, I am a fool myself. INDEED I AM YES? I smile at my own naivety.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is it hello, or just goodbye.

His thoughts, humour, ideas, initiatives, appreciation, manners- it's his presence alone which I adored. He noticed, cared, corrected, taught, inspires, entertains. Of course, there are several bad traits, but that's not my point. In the end, I wasn't anything special, & wasn't expecting anything much. I still remember the book bugs came crawling out when he showed me his DIY journal. I was amazed at the amount of photos, drawings & writings, and a tiny bit disgusted at the same time. Yes, I am reminiscing about my last crush, which I'd known almost 4 years ago. Hardly anyone knows, except a few. Nothing surprising. What happened? Well we barely contact as time goes. Period.

Why the sudden classical plug? Uhm...

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Monday, June 15, 2009

BFF. Traumatised. 24. $

It's been a loooong while since the last time I'd seen Ash. Never a dull moment with you again, and I thought it'd be hard to tell you my thoughts, but turned out we actually shared the same situation. It's a mutual understanding we've been sharing for the past xx years. THATSWHYILOVEYOUeventhoughIhatedyouforbeingsuchabusybeetchlol

And a durian seller HAD to ruin my night out by conveying his stupid thoughts to me while blocking the back of my car with his durian truck. I miss durian. But I'm NOT INTERESTED in making friends with a durian seller okaayyy...!!! *traumatised by lameness x9999* Orz (WHY? WHY???)

I'm finally done with 24 season 4! I lovelovelove Tony x Michelle - Didn't know I'm a sucker for sad & romantic relationships. Season 5 next, even though I'd already known few of my favourite characters are gonna be killed off (I spoilt myself) ;__;

Been doing some shopping for the past weeks.
Total # of new loots = 5
(1) Skimmer shoe bronze
(2) Skimmer shoe white
(3) Outdoor shoe
(3) Jeans
(4) Dress
(5) Face powder
Approx. total monies spent = RM510.

What the frigg?! *despair...*

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I kept ignoring the fact that..

It is hard to put up a smile while it bleeds inside. But I have to.

I needed company, even though it might not ease anything. I thank you, and sorry for being selfish. Anything to numb this ache..

Guess I'm tired.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Some quotes, some rants, some movies.

"It is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder."
I'm always wondering.

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
The feeling of wanting to erase a wrong ugly stroke while there's no eraser or ctrl+z available; THE HORROR. OkIgetitperfectly.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Yours truly is bored. Because Raidou 2 finally decided not to load on her crappy PS2 for good. I've been feeling the lack of enthusiasm at work lately. It hasn't been a year yet and I'm feeling plain b o r e d at what I'm doing. There's been times I thought of the possibility of returning to the animation field, for the sake of doing something different once in awhile. I do miss the Animasians, everyone shares the same interests & lotsa team efforts & friendliness T_T You won't find that kind of colleagues & environment else where. NOPE. But then again, everything has its ups and mostly downs. Or maybe I just need a vacation; Somewhere by a beach so I can sulk all I want..~

Another thing to add into my depression is the guilt lingering in me. I'm probably the most selfish, unpredictable, mean, nonsensicle person anyone should meet or know. Someone might understand what I meant since I love popping up stupid questions/assumptions randomly & give you a hard time just because I feel insecure (I apologise again for those past & future moments lol). I know it can't be helped, and if I do, it'll only make matters worst? I don't know. I'm not in a clear & steady mind now to make a proper judgment. Very often I wish someone or a divine conscience could appear and just tell me what's right & what's wrong, BUT that would only defeats the purpose of living a life. Someone out there, I'm SORRY. I just want to relax & feel free, not be stressed or uncomfortable at the same time. And I realised by my attempt of doing so, I'd caused trouble/uneasiness to other people as well. NOW I SOUND PREACHY OH GAWD I SHALL STOP ALREADY. Anyone who read this whole paragraph, you're sick lol you deserve no prize *gets stoned to death*

Terminator: Salvation brief thoughts:
• There's NOT ENOUGH TERMINATORS (humanoid types) walking about. Skynet HQ is a good sad example.
• I enjoyed the giant robot blasting every escaping vehicles :D And the two bikes ejected from its legs. Cool.
• Christian Bale
• Helena Bonham Carter is a surprise for me.
I liked her from her role as Bellatrix (Harry Potter) & Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd).
• Marcus stepping on a landmine is a sad outcome. Poor Marcus. That's for following a hungry babe through a field of landmines when she said it's okay to :D
• John Conner's wife looks younger than she was in Terminator 3
(no offense to Claire Danes fans).
• Overall it's OK. I miss Arnold.

Milk brief thoughts:
• I didn't know it'd be related to the history of Castro Street in San Francisco.
• I didn't know there's James Franco
• Sean Penn is brilliant.
• I like modern films that depicts the 70's (another is Zodiac).
• Watching this with mom is like watching a comedy. Sigh.
• I have not much thoughts, but it left a good impression. And I love movies that does that.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


...with a knee-high boots.
I'd very much love to own a pair & try that, but it's so friggin' hot & impractical to do so here. I think I did an angle mistake. Or not. Just something random.

Someone, thank you for rummaging through my purse! Although I don't approve that (and you just gotta see that horrible fugly ol' photo of MEEE) You accompanied me for a long while after work so I really appreciate that alot. And so, I discovered my driving license has expired since last December!!! Petrified. IAMSUCHADUMBASS. So quickly found a way to renew it online. Done and I received the renewed license today. Long live online services ♥

I also discovered something cute about our RM5 and RM10 notes from my ex-colleagues ^^;

It's real fun to draw when you have the right mood + idea + music. (Pea, I know, epic art, but not yet--! ToT;) Hence I broke my own promise to sleep earlier tonight.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brownish. Some movie rant

Made some minor changes to the colours here. Has it turned ugly? Or unnoticable... I don't care :D And I'm trying out ShoutBox since I'm bored.

Well I'm not supposed to be bored (is actually procrastinating from doing work). I should've done my work earlier today (but noOoO, I HAD to play Raidou & waste time on this blog) - So I ended up staying awake till now, which is 3:44AM; thus work is done. But I want to rant since it's only here I could do so now *lame*

Angels & Demons kinda super-brief thoughts:
• Tom Hanks doesn't really look old as I expected :D He's the main reason why I wanna watch this movie.
• Ewan McGregor is the 2nd reason.
• It's a movie you'd only find interesting the first time you watch it (since I didn't read the book).
• SPOILER >>> The guy exploded in the car - predictable? Probably 'cos recently I've just seen the same outcome in season 3 of 24; guy went in car assuming he'd finally escape & then kabOom-! But that actor is cute.
• That last part of Patrick is expected :( Bro shouldn't have told me the ending is "not what you'd expect". Ceh.
• Patrick's outfit just automatically forces me to think of that parody trailer from Tropic Thunder
(which's about 2 gay priests by RDJ & Tobey Maguire lolforgivemysickmind *bricked*)
• Overall, it's a OK for me.

24, Season 3 super super brief thoughts:
• This season onwards I really like the relationship between Tony & Michelle. They're both very strong-willed & inspiring characters.
• And Reiko Aylesworth is a pretty lady. I don't get bored staring at her whenever she appears on screen
• For once I don't hate Chappelle! ;____; Poor poor him.....

4:27AM... *despairs*

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Those who'd think I draw only bishounens - you're WRONG...! I just don't draw old or muscular people cos I don't know how to & I wouldn't enjoy doing so.

KOF2002:UM (mostly for the sake of HIROAKI's ART ♥) Am sad they replaced K9999 for a Tetsuya Nomura-like bishounen called "Nameless". For once I'm against a bishounen replacing a non-bishounen character. Even though he's a carbon copy of Tetsuo frm Akira (prolly that's why he's removed in this remake due copyright issues), I'm fond of his impulsive moves & grin. I remember my friend questions my taste for liking K9999 back in 2001. Hay, he's actually cool okaaay.

My shoulder/back hurts again. Aaah *whines*

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

And she sighs. And sighs. And sighs....

I wasn't even sure if this should be depressing or pleasant..... If there's no way to cry, why not just improvise it. Of course, this is illogical. Sigh.

Star Trek. Kinda super brief thoughts:
• Zachary Quinto FTW! ♥
• Spock and Uhura is like a big question mark. What the hell.
• Kirk actor (sorry I forgot who's the actor) has very pretty eyes.
• Skinny girls is unattractive. Really.
• Young Kirk speeding with the car and ended up at the end of a cliff is like a big waste of film time. Why didn't they just save it for the deleted scenes..
• I like the death scenes. Especially the part the Romulan guy got blasted upwards at the driller thing, and the red suit guy who got instantly roasted at the bottom of the driller. Aww...
• Ah.. I thought the enemy would have a bigger or more complex agenda.....
• Overall it's a OK for me.
- end -

I wanna go for Angels & Demons.
I want a short vacation. August is just too far away.
Someone, yes you have a point I should've agreed to go with you for the concert in Singapore this weekend. But nothing can be done now except me emoing over a wasted opportunity to go for a vacation, which I badly need now... CEH. AS IF YOU WOULD GO. Tipu la.

Sighs. Listens to sad piano scores.
I want a mc for tomorrow.... *mumbles*

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Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm not supposed to be doing this

That's a lollipop btw. There's nothing suggestive. Nope nope nope.
See, Pea? I DO draw something lately :D Though this mostly happens only when I'm unwilling to do something else which's...

I'm supposed to be doing work FFS!

I'm mentally stressed. I am. I get tired easily and early lately.
Yet I have to do this damn blog template AGAIN. I SUCK.

I'm aware there's so much anger that I kept to myself because I don't like whining in RL. That's one purpose of having a blog virtually. And you'd think to just cry it all out and be done with it is easy; it's NOT (at least for me). I couldn't. I'm that STUBBORN and EGOTISTICAL.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

KOF related. Fanart. Random.

Elisabeth Blanctorche is my other favorite female KOF character. 'Cos I just *love* equestrian outfits. Above sketch contains lotsa perspective/detail errors which I DO care but failed to fix it <--- lame excuse.

• I wish it is now July.
• I am happy there's Elisabeth & Mature addition exclusively for the home console of KOFXII.
• But I certainly prefer their previous costume design (they just look so bland & normal now).
• Still, I was hoping there is K'.
• Watching pixelised, blurred gameplay videos on youtube is just fun.
• And I was supposed to be doing work - I didn't.
• Iori is droolsome ♥

My new love is Ben & Jerry's. I would now think RM26 for a pint is worth it; I must be crazy. Certainly not keepable at home. Considering that my chocolate stash in the fridge are majorly being raided by my beloved 2nd bro whenever he's here.

On work related: It's already passed my 6th month probation and currently on my 9th month here. I don't mean to be 'calculative', but... WHEN IS MY PAY GONNA BE REVISED, BOSSES?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Random blab...

There's time my mind go thinking how envious am I towards someone's bliss. And I would then think what a failure I am - the injustice and irony, but it's reality afterall. Just a temporary thought; I just felt like whining alittle. IGNORE THIS.

I can't draw anything right lately except just headshots T___T

Been 'boiling' episodes of 24 lately, and currently on season 3 (Zachary Quinto! ♥) Ah btw, my fav character has to be Tony Almeida :D I don't know why.. *shrugs*


Sigh time passes fast......

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

David Archuleta's arrival in KLIA

Yes he's here! Arrived in KLIA 7.40pm, but he only came out about 8pm? I read that from somewhere... oh well, yours truly certainly wasn't there to witness the exciting moment OTL Though I'm happy enough that HE'S HERE IN MALAYSIA! Just last year, at this same time, he was still competing in American Idol. Look where he is now XD

Video taken from Archuleta Avenue Malaysia. Kudos to them for the great welcoming efforts! There's also some videos on his KLIA arrival which was... SCARY and sadly embarrassing to note (morbid fangirls shrieking at the top of their lungs while howling themselves towards him) and though I wasn't sure if David got mobbed while on his way out - it doesn't seem he's given enough bodyguards for it IMO ^^; Not sure what happens later.

ANYWAYS, the thought of the high-pitched screams certainly scares me @_@ (I know, it's just from youtube, but that's scary enough it makes me petrified) plus, I have the fear of being stuck in a crowded area. BUT. BUT I'M GOING TO THE SHOWCASE THIS SATURDAY NO MATTER WHAT. I wanna see him sing with my own eyes at least ^^ Really hope everything goes fine and David enjoys his stay in Malaysia! (hope he loves our local spicy gourmet too!) XD

Stuff non-related to David
Work is fucked up lately. Tasks piling up, tasks coming in out of nowhere, less than a week deadlines = ASS. I can't help but thinking "are they sucking up to every bits and pieces of the client's requests?". I'm still fond of this company, but my hatred towards the project timelines just kept accumulating. And there ought to be some notice like "Things designers want non-designers to know" or vice-versa (programmers, client servicing, etc.) rather than assuming "oh, it's just changing/adding in a word/image, very fast one mah" but it turned out you've gotta revamp the whole damn thing in fact because of various reasons that you're too tired to explain 'cos doing that is just ass crap thrown back at you (client wants it, so it has to be done kinda crap) and might as well save it for work to meet the divine deadline. I know the other department has their own problems as well, but since I don't know what it is, so I'm just ranting senseless here to feel better myself. Sorry, I've seen too much AVGN. Happy thoughts after this, think positive, be optimistic, be nice, smile.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

So I finished RE5 + art

The domain has just been revived & renewed! Thanks to Shyu! YAY! ^3^

On RE5
Poor Wesker. I didn't expect that coming. And I thought Josh was............. ah nvm. Though IMO, overall RE5's difficulty is easier than RE4's. Am I satisfied with the tending? Not really. Would I replay it? Definitely.

RE: Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. OMFGLEONLOOKSOCUUNNNNN *insert fangirl scream* DAMN YOU CAPCOOOOMMMMM~~~!!!!! *shakes fist* A RE2 remake is one of my gaming wishlist (another has to be Vagrant Story by Square). And now of all 3 consoles, it has to be a WII. Orz...

While taking a short break frm RE5, here's some art dump (100 theme art meme, well just 3 of it actually...) :

Click image link to view.

I checked on my visitor stats recently, and I found there's aloooooot that came from the search keyword of "apollo god". HMMM. I didn't thought of that as a popular search, and I think I've only mentioned ONCE about Apollo in my blog, which is Apollo from Saint Seiya, NOT the Olympian Sun God myth >_>

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration .....of Leon's appearance?

I was excited ever since I read the announcement of Resident Evil Degeneration movie since the beginning of this year, which's done in full-length CG by CAPCOM, especially with LEON S. KENNEDY in it. OMG. What could be better than that (other than RE4).


Even RE4's in-game model of Leon looks 200% hotter/decent than the FULL-LENGTH CG MOVIE version of him. Instead, the girls looks fabulous in it. EXCEPT LEON. OH THE INJUSTICE. Someone in the production team must've thought only the dudes play the RE games. That's a HUGE mistake! *a very disappointed Leon fan* OTL

While story-wise... I do think the story's draggy (a 90+ min movie felt like a 3 hour movie), add in some dramatic cliché, and Leon getting romantic?? C'MON... was that necessary? Yet another cliché moments; I would only approve that if he's with Ada Wong but sigh, she's non-existent in the movie - WHICH also means, no Albert Wesker.

Even the 'monster boss' looks like a random clone of William Birkin from RE2. GAH. Does Claire even need to be in this movie? I don't see much of her role's importance. They should've given Claire MORE significance to the story plot instead of bringing up some unknown female character (Angela) =_= Overall, I would say it's better than them RE live-action movies; at least Claire's & Leon's personality weren't heavily butchered.

End of unsatisfactory thoughts. I can eat my dinner now.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art post. Tired. WotLK.

It's been very tiring lately, and that's most probably because I've never wasn't exercising much. I have a basic treadmill at home which I usually run on about 10mins (WELL, BETTER THAN NOTHING RIGHT) ... Orz.
Work isn't getting any lesser. And it's frustrating to leave work early because of the jam nowadays. But still, the working environment here beats my previous job by a mile. IF ONLY eating there wasn't sh!t expensive......

Art post:
Art commissioned by Crimson Domingo @ y! Gallery, her original character: Sasha from her Supernatural fan stories (thank you~!) I realised I enjoyed CGing more with this style ^^

WoW rant:
Got my WotLK expansion and also reactivated my account from the hype of it (oh noes). I really really need to do a research on the new paladin talent tree. DAMN. I'm currently putting my BE pally on hold in Aman Thul's server. And starting a new Draenei pally on Proudmoore instead *waves to Miaow* (agh I've got a super duper long way to go again orz..) I love pallies. I'm abandoning my hunter already ^^;

Ah not to forget Comic Fiesta is just around the corner. AGAIN! It's so frighteningly SOON! T____T *haven't start on anything yet* So basically I NEED to do: (1) doujin (2) 1 more commission that I've been dragging (wwaahhhh soooo sorry T_T).
On the other hand, I WANT to do: (1) play WoW (2) play SH5. YES. PLAY PLAY PLAY.

I even declined to go to a bar (Luna Bar; which I actually like) in order to spend some time in WoW tonight (sorry..) YES I'M SO HOPELESS...! Cause in the end my fun-o-meter weights WoW higher than anything else at the moment... Har har har... *shot*

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gackt 2008 Calendar.

I've been wondering if Gackt would ever try a super-short, neat & NORMAL dark hairstyle all these years (it's one of my fav male hairstyle though). And then there's Gackt's 2008 Calendar......... *looks above pic* .............. You've gotta be kidding meh! @A@; *faints* More pics of it from Love Potion No.9

I must've been very outdated.

ANYONE SELLING IT? I SERIOUSLY WOULDN'T MIND IT'S SECOND/THIRD/FOURTH/BAJILLION HANDED AS LONG THE IMAGES & QUALITY ARE STILL FINE! Urrmm... *dust + wind blows...* Ah, I'll be honest to myself & face the reality: it's impossible I could get my hands on this by now (it's already November 2008. la la laa~) OTL

I thought I would only see this kind of hairstyle possible in manga/anime for guys (especially with glasses, tee-hee) BUT alas Gackt actually has it entirely for his 2008 CALENDARRR~! Dangit, this' what you get by not keeping watch on your Gackt websites from time to time..!

Anyone who doesn't know Gackt & thinks he's ghey; SHAME ON YOU. He has a voice that's 100000000000x manlier than yours >D

I hope I could find bigger scans of it at least T___T That site previews only small thumbnails publicly.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

New titles to look forward to!

There're still lotsa reasons to have my PS2 back from my 2nd bro, OR even getting a brand new PS2 slim (if my current old, fat PS2 decided to die on me).

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The King of Abaddon (PS2)
Moar Raidou~!!! >8D Yum!

Persona 4 (PS2)
Wth, I'm not even finish with P3 yet. Orz. But I like the concept of eyeglasses... Hee hee..

Some other PS2 titles that are great but I haven't had a chance to play are Okami, Shadow Heart 2/3, Digital Devil Saga 1/2, and 1 more I just forgot what the title is...
Not to forget I haven't even finish with a number of games (Rhapsodia, P3, etc.)

King of Fighters XII
For the PS3! OMFG. Iori FINALLY has a new costume! Wha?! Exposed lower waist detected! HAWTNESS! (is it unhealthy to drool over a pixelised character) >A<;

So many games, so little time. It's so sad. Can I just live with a part-time job? Of course not! Sigh. I miss my school days for this. Ahhh emo doodle of girly men >D

There, I procrastinated my entire Saturday with watching IRONMAN, drinking 3-in-1 coffee by spoon, looking at game videos, downloading Silent Hill Zero tracks, etc. WHERE I SHOULD BE DOING MY WORK INSTEAD (brought home work to rush on for Monday & Tuesday's deadlines) Orz

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A little procrastination..

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

This cracks me up lol XD Haven't gotten tired of watching it.

Encyclopedia Dramatica - dA
I didn't know it is THAT messed up & dramas happening...;;;

AHHH SILENT HILL 5 ------- !!! \*A*/
Despite the site's trailer looks cheap like typical western horror-thriller movies *sigh..* and forum comments about it being 'The Game of Silent Hill: The Movie' instead (the trailer obviously sounds like it already! What happened to the unexpected, open-ended, bizarre air of SH~???) - BUT as a SH fan I'm getting it no matter what. The SECOND TRAILER LOOKS ALOT BETTER though! That's what I remember SH used to feel like at least.

I miss Alex's initial character model though (a.k.a. Dean Winchester lookalike) T_T But the final model looks decent alright. His VA is good :3

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some quick David A's stuff I'd wanna bookmark...

Archuleta Avenue Malaysia.
Our very own local stop catering for Malaysian Arch Angels! <3 Hurray!!!

David Archuleta Singapore!
Title says it all~

Ford Day Performances

Performing in full length, "Angels" by Robbie Williams.

First time performing his first single: "CRUSH".

And also my ultra most favourite, "Imagine" by John Lennon (full length! now i've gotta rip this off to mp3 just to listen). Can't help laughing at what he's trying to say after performing "Crush" ('you know.. I don't know.. you know.. I hope I'm not anyway..') XD

On some personal subject...
*REALY* should pickup my tablet & draw again by now. I still have 2 commissions left undone and I'm sososoo sorry again m(__)m
October is approaching, November, then comes December! (CF2008alreadyHOMG!) *lies flat against the floor somewhere...*

Hari Raya week my new company (joined mid Aug) went for a Japan trip, leaving 4 newbies behind (yup, including me who'd DIE to go to Japan with a FREE FLIGHT TICKET & HOTEL STAYS) ............. How ironic. But I always remind myself there'd be a day I could save up enough to finally afford a step on Narita Airport. Yes.



Time for bed. Orz
I always ends up sleeping late in the end.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Job 3rd thoughts.

Working on yet another public holiday isn't helping myself to like my current job any better (when I tried to). The only bright side is that I'm learning alot - but in a very short & limited time since almost every project needs to be rushed. Not to forget when something needs to be done fast in a 'forced' way, e.g. working OT till midnight in 3 days straight including a weekend public holiday till the next morning 5am. Now I've worked for at least 17 hours in 1 day! A personal breaking record that I'll be happy to not have it >__>

On another subject, I'm HAPPY to read about this news! Not that it's unexpected, but he totally deserves it. It'll be blasphemous if he don't get a contract!! \(>A<)/

BTW, I'm starting on playing WoW. I've always been wondering what's so addictive about this game, now - I know... =3= (harga minyak naik, I invest on WoW pulak, aduhai~)

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

GTA IV. Job 2nd thoughts.

It is a time where I wish I'm vacationing at my uncle's place in Melbourne even though it's gonna be boring. It's HOT like **** here =____=;;;;; Even the tap water is warm.

GTA IV, love! LOTsa places, roads, internet, dates, activities, people, etc. to explore. I'm not even familiar with the first place yet (my Niko just moved to Bohan, the 2nd place). I only miss the 'skip journey' option on 2nd try missions... it's frustrating to drive all the way frm Broker to Bohan & failed the mission, & drive all the way down there again on retries.. >_>; Currently I can't pass Brucie's racing mission, of all the kind of missions, I HATE racing... and I don't touch racing games.

My job, I'm not really happy to know that I have to work tomorrow, which is a public holiday (Wesak Day) here. My boss eventually forgot this holiday and promised the client to deliver the work on Tuesday. Deadline supposed to be on Monday, so he thought he pushed back a day more for us to work on it, wow, thanks.

But isn't the work time frame are managed by the Project Manager? Isn't he supposed to know that Monday is a public holiday & negotiate with the client about it? (AND remind my boss that there's a public holiday inbetween & see what're the options???) I know client is ultimately important, but we employees have our rights and personal plans too! What if I've already booked a flight ticket to Langkawi, do I have to cancel it just because "Well, what to do? We don't have time already..." kind of BS.

Regarding other BS:
Work on public holiday..
Me: Isn't Monday a public holiday? We have to work also?
Project Manager: Yala.. But you can claim back leave from XXX.
Me: (Am I supposed to be relieved? NO!)

Work on Saturday..
Project Manager: Halfday? Who told you Saturday work halfday one?
Me: (Are you the boss?) Who works fullday on Saturdays? (other than Animasia)

Urgent work..
Project Manager: You choose lah. You wanna work on Saturday fullday or Monday you wanna stay back.
Me: (niama..) Both days sucked anyway.

Sometimes I dislike the way he comes asking "Have you finish XXX already? I need to show the client today" all in a sudden when he didn't tell us when's the deadline in the first place. I'm only on my first month and I'm starting to discover all these shitty kind of time management already.

Another thing's been bugging me is.. the company used to have a Flash actionscript programmer (he left after last month), so now = 0 actionscript programmer except my boss.
There's also a Flash designer, but leaving after this month I think, so in the near future = 1 Flash designer which is ME.
There's 2 interns helping out, but they're finishing after June.
There's a networking and server techie (I think), a web designer (solely designs only, not putting it into work), and 1 more fella I don't even know what's he's doing actually...
So I'm VERY worried, what if the company really works with only 1 dude for each position (1 programmer, 1 flash designer, 1 web designer, 1 techie, 1 etc.) WHOA. That'll be very risky and stressful with the boss coming to you every hour asking have you done anything especially towards the only programmer and flash designer. Getting an interactive website to work by only 1 programmer and 1 flash designer is NOT NOT NOT safe. What's more with the management-inefficient Project Manager haunting you & making you work extra days just because the client wants it fast. Negotiation is part of your job, dude!

I'm gonna give another month or two. I wouldn't have taken this job if I've known the hierarchy & team status (2 seniors leaving) of this company. Lesson learned: FIND OUT OR ASK ABOUT THE COMPANY'S TEAM (and status) BEFORE YOU TAKE THE JOB... next time. I'm such a dope. Sigh.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Dullness. David A. David C.

I don't have the mood to talk about my work at the new company except for 1 word: D U L L . Ta-dah~! n00b human walking. American Idol was what made me looking forward toward this week & the next & the next & so on... (yes, I ought to have a 'life'). And I'm also looking forward to the release of GTA:IV! >8D

David Archuleta - Think of Me

Speechless. I'm already a fan *has a cut-out photo of him on my table cork board* (THANK YOU, STAR newspaper!) & I definitely love whatever he sings simply because of his voice. I LOVE his voice, and it'd especially stand out whenever he sings songs like these. He did that fan sign yet again, this time in a very obvious & readily way IMO XD AAAAHHAHAHH *dies happily* Ryan seems to like picking on him; Leaving him on stage, the prom date question, choosing sides, & now letting some girl audiences to hug him before he performs *envy~* >A<; Anyway, we get to see the humble side of him on stage <3

I like David Cook's "The Music of the Night" as well. In fact, he's rapidly becoming my other favorite next to David Archuleta. And this week's performance of his has proved he could do great vocals too!

Wanted to rewatch the performances again on youtube but I'm tired sitting in front of the screen all day 3_3 Guess I'll do that tomorrow or weekends. HURGH~!
Some gaming before I hit the sack..... or not. Good day & let today, tomorrow & the following days/months be more colourful & pleasant~~ *hopeful eyes*

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Bday Miaow! A news. KL drive. David A - When You Believe

Happy Birthday to Miaow!!! >8D
Many many happy wishes to her & hopefully her dream will come true someday soon! <3<3<3 Can't wait till Sunday & we have a nice yummy dinner yaarrr! (yay mar'che~) 8D~~~

I've got a somewhat good news, all I'm sad is that I'm gonna lose my 'days of staying up all night & sleeping in the morning' UNEXPECTEDLY REAL soon T__T It's unhealthy to stay that way (with no income) but I still love doing that & I'm so gonna miss it.. Orz

And and... I drove to KL for the first time yesterday (Wednesday)!! Me and Ash went down to Jalan Ipoh to check out a travel agency. On the way back to PJ, I almost hit a car in the back with a sudden break on time thanks to the wet road. PHEW. The buses in front just stopped in the middle lane. GRR! Luckly I was driving a Kenari with a super short front. Thank god!

David Archuleta - When You Believe

I wasn't mentally & emotionally prepared & was surprised he sang 1st! @_@; Gosh, leather pants, short-sleeved shirt, he's actually doing that secret FAN SIGN when he held his hands over his heart (I once read about this 'mission' from a Fan Blast post, but I'd admit; I didn't expect it to happen, but he actually got the message & he did it! T_T More about it here) AND he's singing a song that happens to be one of my favorite song from The Prince of Egypt (honestly I didn't know it was by Mariah Carey & Whitney Housten) *shot* What can I say? I'm a very happy fan! *dies*

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Portfolio. David~! <3

I kept hearing weird noises at the moment, and I think it might be my dog's stomach..? o_o; (she didn't eat anything the entire day!) There's food in her bowl left few hours ago but she didn't touch it at all. Currently she's soundly asleep on the mat by the curtains. OYE...

I have so many games I want to play (or continue) ! It should be an opportunity for me to do so now, but at the same time I'm having doubts of getting a job with my current portfolio. To be frank, I 'sighed' whenever I thought about my portfolio... I think it's not good enough, plus I don't have any work related to web designing. It's a shame for that to happen since I was a Multimedia Design graduate *SHAME~* My diploma works was so 'ancient' I'd rather keep it in the dark =3=;

So in order to remedy that, my top priority now is to create 2 random websites with a decent design/template by the end of this month! At least with that, I could start applying for jobs with extra confidence. A person used to say that; "sometimes experiences & skills are the result by force" or something like that.. and I think it's true o__o

bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Store

Interesting yar? XD Taken from Nightcat.

I am currently obsessed with a 17 year old boy.. and his name is David Archuleta..! o_O *gets shot*
David wasn't at his best on last week's AI performance.. but it seems most of the guys did bad on last week I reckon..? David must've chosen a livelier song since Simon commented that David was getting gloomy on his previous performance of a song by Phil Collins (but David's EXCELLENT on ballad/slow songs IMO) >w< His voice got me obsessed with him *watching & rewatching his clips on youtube* and well, he's undeniably cute..! Just hope he'll pick the perfect song & do what he's best at on his next performance!!! *SOKONG 120%!* Yo~

Photo taken from

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Back to 'measure land'..!

I'm back on job hunting. Sigh. It's upsetting when dreams and ambitions fall victims to money & time. At least they learned their lessons, and we get some of the experience in this field. And no, we won't give up yet.

At the moment I'll just need to get a job for a steady income. But my portfolio... OTL I'm still contemplating whether to cancel my Vergil preorder or not since that company hasn't receive their stock yet. But I wanted it so bad T__T *lame*

Since I had a sudden amount of free time (sigh) I get to finish my Phoenix Wright (Justice for All) game where I'd previously abandoned in the middle of the last case. And now I'm in the 2nd case of the 3rd game (Trials & Tribulations).
Young Phoenix is SO ADORABLE ISOWANNAGLOMPHIM~!!! -despite him being a wimpy guy then XD *abuses the Gyakuten Saiban Encyclopedia* And... I THOUGHT Ron Delite is a female character..??? @_@ (before I play the 3rd game) Eeehhh...

Speaking of wimpy guys, in RL, it's irritating when I see/meet/know one. I can't believe how could a 28-29 years old guy thinks like a 16-18 years old.. Sometimes even a 16 year old boy could think even MORE POSITIVE than him. It's rude to talk rough to a person, but I couldn't help it especially whenever I see him behaving/thinking so pessimistically...! I don't know how he plan to live on with his next 50 years of life in the future with a weak mind & spirit like that =3=* OH BOY. Hence, I wasted a few minutes of my life with this paragraph...


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Why is my eyes seeing doubles when I'm not feeling really tired.. @__@? I can't clearly see what I'm colouring.. whether out of the line, or within the line, or a proper matching colour.. What I see now is like a fragmented effect applied in Photoshop's filter (did I make any sense..)

I need to finish colouring as much pages as possible (I'm taking more than 2 weeks to finish 1 set of comic) *snail* I shouldn't have went out for lunch at KL!! *nervous+worried+blur+regret* T__T Previously [LUFFY] started to make that groaning motor sound for a long while.. it sounded like it's gonna explode anytime.. @_@;; And then somehow it stopped making that noise... Yet I have no idea what was it or what caused it to run that way... *sayang laptop* PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME AT THIS TIME. Orz

Just felt I need to rant off some stress here... Hope I'm not causing a major mistake or negative impression with my ultra slow-ness.. I AM worried.
Will need sleep early to rest my eyes & continue work later.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vergil ARTFX

[1] Finish my 1st comic submission 'hardworking-ly'.
[2] Finish my 1st comic submission as soon as I can.
[3] Finish Tsa's logo as soon as I can.
[4] Finish Ethereal chapter 3 for YUE7 by 21st(?) / as soon as I can.

[1] Watch AVGN videos.
[2] Watch Ghost Hunters (TAPS) on youtube.
[3] Watch American Idol s.7 on 8tv.
[4] Hunt for DMC3 Vergil ARTFX figurine online.
[5] Blog.

Ironically I did everything on "shouldn't do's" & did NOTHING on "should do's" >8D Someone should whip me! *headshot*
But I promised myself to finish my work submission by the end of next week. I feel so bad for being so lame & sloooww... T__T (sorry ben, will work hard! and smart!) T__T

And why would someone release something like this:

EVIL #_______# How could they release something so evil like this. More clearer, bigger photos of him here.
I thought there wouldn't be any decent Vergil figurine, & now there's one, & it's f-ing expensive. It costs almost RM300 in XL-Shop, and RM300+ elsewhere online. W-H-Y-??? Now I just hope I got my preorder & my card works fine (Yes, I actually went & order it!) o_o Hence, the $$$ that I reserved for getting DMC4 goes to THIS. Heck, this' even more expensive than getting DMC4. But I really hope my preorder goes fine. Having a cool Vergil figurine has been one from my wishlist.

Back to work. I procrastinate TOOOOOOO much I should be ashamed of myself.. OTL

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A small reunion.

I met him again after almost a year. I didn't expect to see him again, but eventually his initial plans didn't work out in the end. I'm very happy yet sad & confused at the same time. Haven't had a good laugh for so long though, especially hanging out together with the other two. I do miss them all very very much.

One of my intention came to happen as well. I was also surprised he's still using the handphone model that I did somewhat recommended him years ago, 'cos now I really don't see anyone using that SE model anymore to be honest ^^;

Then we both were stuck in a heavy traffic on a 1-lane road for some time. I've never enjoyed being in that kind of situation, but in that moment, I did.

I wanted to cry. If only I could just do it. Whether if it's happiness or sadness, it doesn't matter. It's not wrong to cry.
Probably I'm just tired. Heck.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Room cleaning + new toy.

Moved some book shelves around in my room, some cleaning, some thrashing, and most important of all, moved my desk nearer to my bed and also the ceiling fan, so hopefully me & [LUFFY] (my ol' 3kg Fujitsu laptop) could have a cooler environment whenever we're spending time together in my stuffy room x_X; Parents did a huge favor for me as well; speeding my process of moving things *LOVES* I'm such a tortoise...! TwT;

Gonna continue my room activity tomorrow, 'cos I'm tired, lazy & hungry.. OTL *is actually lazy...*

Another recent addition into our entertainment family is................

Yesterday eldest bro just decided to come home with it after his work. It's fat, big, a little heavy and white (pretty!!) The only game we have now is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game of the Year Edition), which bro wanted to play.


One day I finally caught a pic of this bird outside my window...

Occasionally (sometimes morning, sometimes noon), this fella comes & start pecking at its own reflection outside of my window for a few minutes, at the same area. I have no idea why... This has been happening for a long time, so I don't know whether if it's the same bird actually ^^;

Gonna be starting my new job at a local new comic company this upcoming Monday. AGH

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm slow by nature. Orz

I tried rushing for CF'07 art competition deadline, but I COULDN'T in the end.... OTL
Below: A cropped part from the page I did.
Character: Cyril Rage (C) creator unknown. He's not my OC.

Sigh sigh sigh..... At least I tried making a 'proper' comic page T_T SIGH. I'm so disappointed with myself.

CF2007 is just next Saturday. OH NOES..... OTL OTL OTL *wants to be in a coma till January*

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another work stress release rant >8D

Boss says:
[1] We're WAY back on our edutainment cartoon's 6 pilot episodes deadline, which's on November, while currently we're only just starting on episode 2 (not to forget there's some VO-keyframe adjustments yet to do).
[2] BK movie has to be good; better than previous locally done featured animations. And a local cinema company is most probably sponsoring on it, bla bla bla... So we've got to improve our skills more, work harder, etc.

So what I think:
[1] That all basically means we've gotta continue on doing OT's for an extra 2-3 hours (total 10-11 hours) everyday, and work fulltime every Saturday.
[2] In order to produce great quality 2D animations for the company; you expect even MORE from us: our effort & our time. Yet as an employee ourselves, we don't see any 'bonus/benefit' we're getting by doing so in the first place.

HOW do you expect unmotivated soldiers to fight & win a war for you, while you're continuing on demotivating them at the same time??? =_=

I'm very tired, and my health is certainly neglecting. I don't get sick this easily before, but now I'm falling sick almost every week (& I'm not exaggerating). I don't get much time to do what I want or have to do for myself either. This is not a happy life at all! OTL

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Couldn't draw anything.

I've been trying to draw something since 11pm till NOW.. (4.12 am) & yet, I'VE DONE NOTHING STILL...!! OTL OTL OTL

It's meant for my company's yearly artbook, a compilation of (almost) every staff's illustration, and this year they're making it full colour, A4! *despairs* Deadline's this coming Saturday.. wait, does this mean this Saturday we've gotta work AS WELL??? Oh geez... *is overworked & underpaid* (they're slowly sucking our personal life away!)

Frankly, I don't even feel like attending this year's CF. It's far, it's gonna be tiring, and mostly it's gonna be boring as well (attend the booth the whole day, duh?) & then there's work the very next day! Does this sound FUN?? NO. Not anymore =_= even though it's a 'once a year' thing. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. But seriously, I just hope to get more rest.

Art post:
Persona 3 - Junpei x Hero, a la Kazuma Kaneko style (the bottom eyelashes) XD
Sorry, it's a little BL/gay. Hope it doesn't scare anyone away

It's such a good weather to sleep!! (rain drizzling) >w< I'm taking a day off from work today though *glee* Hope to settle what I'm supposed to do, and hopefully finish my submission for DOODLE a.k.a. company's artbook as well OTL

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Screwed up o_O

Ongoing stress = piled up + neverending + routine work, lack of time, low wage, pressure, tension. The only solution to this is my resignation letter, but it's not what I intend to do at the moment... *endures*

Most of our keyframe department consists of newbies; yes, including me, STILL, 'cos afterall I'm not from an animation background, and I've only start doing 2D animation in MY LIFE about 3 months ago. I've yet a LOT to learn in order to deliver a certain number of workfiles within a short timeframe without much or any errors.

Hence it annoys me whenever someone would throw something like "You've been doing this for so long, how can you not know..." to my face regarding about animation. You expect a flawless/'international quality' animation from ME in just after 3 months??? It is a miracle or a genius of a person who could do something he/she's new in without any mistakes!

And it's no surprise the keyframe department is slowing down on progress since 4 'senior' keyframe artists left 1 by 1 when I came in. Obviously, who else to blame on the slowdown except US?

I sorta got into an argument with my editing/background/storyboard head today regarding my errors in my animation workfiles: (1) I forgot to add the 'ripple' in the water (2) A character facing the wrong angle in the first few seconds. And he was questioning me in a manner as if I killed his mom =3=

We argued, since he's asking the same question, & I was explaining to him again & again OTL I admitted it's my mistake, my responsibility to correct it, and I was only talking back 'cos he kept questioning me, and so I replied. But he doesn't seem satisfied & I don't know what else he want.

Then came my department's head, walking by, trying to settle our(that hooligan's) problem maybe 'cos he's been raising his voice continuously in the studio where EVERYONE's working at *SHIET* At one point my dept. head misunderstood something that hooligan said, & instead of settling our problem, he got fired back *digs hole & hides* OTL It's so embarrassing in that moment of 'silence'.. In the end that hooligan somehow got himself frustrated & declared I don't have to change anything & forget about it (DUH???) That's totally inappropriate & not what I expected .__.

He could just tell me straight forward what he wanted me to change in the first place (e.g. how my dept. head did QC with us) & I'll just change it for him, that's it! I have no idea why he'd prefer to put on a show in front of the studio yelling & degrading himself, not to forget wasting time as well. Ho hum.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Work that goes down the drain. Some art post.

Been almost a week I did not touch my Persona 3 since my PS2 broke down AGAIN for the 4th or 5th time & sent it for repair AGAIN *despairs* Someone sponsor me a new PS2...? ;__; I'm already reserving $$$ for a PSP later this month or maybe only after I finish my Persona 3. I'm so eager to meet Koromaru! >w< Work:
After few months on this job, it's already in the process of eating my personal life AWAY. Mon-Sat, 10am-8/9pm all goes to work, the remaining time & Sundays are the only time I get to BE AT HOME & do whatever I want (which I spent 3/4 of it sleeping 'cos I'm SO FRIGGIN' TIRED by the end of the week).

I was working on one file for the entire day today, a task given by a senior. And it's my first time working on this new character for this upcoming new series; so I know nuts about this new character (action, behaviour, etc.) as well as this 'advance super-smooth animation technique' that we gotta use for this iNtErNaTiOnAl cartoon. Thus I: draw, redraw, adjust, draw, "it doesn't look right" - so continue drawing, director came by & giving hints that it's an urgent file - OKAY, draw, think, draw, I mainly got myself frustrated over a simple animation (yes, it's just only a simple animation actually, look how SLOW & WORTHLESS I am!), boss also came by urging me to finish it - OKAY, and so I kept working on it till over 9pm, however in the end, my seniors found out that the animation I was working on is actually NOT NEEDED.

Apparently my director finally check that animation scene with the VO at the end of the day and found out it's unnecessary for that action.


Oh yes, they should've check with the VO timing before handing me that task in the first place. Sigh. You guys are SO kind...! *shakes fist*
My collegue, ZeMing gave me a belated present today, which really surprised me! I did not expect he'd take my joke ("yes it's my bday, where's my present?" thingy) seriously. Gomen gomen >A< *guilty* But thank yoU!! It's a decorative candle(?) I don't know if I could actually light it... but it'll be a waste if I don't light it.. Though it'll burn away those decorative stuff in it if I do.. owO; Art dump:

Persona 3 fanart - Akihiko Sanada (above). Below are OCs unless stated otherwise.

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