Saturday, September 05, 2009

Incredibly uninspired & bored.

What's the use of a 3 consecutive holidays when you had zero plans for it - except to work on a submission *gasp* Worried but gosh, if only there's some kinda motivational drug. I'm not excited enough to express a "YAY IT'S HOLIDAY" on FB or Twitter or whatever social networking crap there are & rushes home from work & be.. uh excited. It's blasphemy for myself to not like holidays, but yeeaaaahh for once, I'd prefer going to work (the aircon, the fast connection) while procrastinating from work... duh.

I was bored, & clicked on a fellow twitter's link (yea fun way to browse stuff online) & discovered LeSportsac bags. Hey the one I got just looks the same *points photo* ... AH now I see... but the one I got from Senso-ji Temple was definitely waaaay cheaper; but as we say.. "yat chin yat fan for" (canton) I had no idea how LeSportsac bags looks like previously. Anywaysss, as long it look nice & affordable, who cares v_v