Sunday, September 13, 2009

The five petals. Art.

It's like flowers, it's beautiful while it blossoms, and in time it eventually withers away.

I fail to see the symbolism of flowers as a gift to a loved one; especially roses – it dies fast, that’s why they’re so prized when they're beautifully fresh and delicate. Hahah, but this is just my personal POV & preference.
Flowers are indeed beautiful (esp. given from someone special), but that's just it. It dies, & down the garbage bin it goes - not being able to keep it.

Above sketch - P3's Akihiko giving carnations to Minato (super unlike Akihiko, I know): This might not be the right way to hold flowers, & not to forget the wrong hand angles *ack* My hand drawing is degrading.

Despite what I'm supposed to accomplish by this week, I started P4. Naming my hero 'Kaji' (no not after the BM word). I like the concept of putting on glasses inside the TV world. Hawt

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art, meme & quotes

Sara (Ethereal)
A little practice to procrastinate from doing something I dislike doing. Shit, it's already the end of Sunday. I did mention I was planning to continue Ethereal chapters online, sorry I lied. I'm trying to get my inspirations back rather than just coughing out head/bust-shot sketches.

100 Truths Meme - tagged by Tsa. It's 100 uninteresting truths, I promise.
I still owe Pea the 25 Random Things meme some time ago. Yes I still remember it, and I still haven't complete all twenty five YET. I'm that clueless about myself..;;;

Here's a random couple of favourite game quotes I roughly remembered, hence I googled & managed to dig 'em out:

Music is a mysterious thing. Sometimes it makes people remember things they do not expect. Many thoughts, feelings, memories... things almost forgotten... Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember or not.
- Citan (Xenogears)
Citan was telling this to Fei in the beginning of the game, while listening to a jukebox which eventually broke down thereafter. This sentence remained something memorable to me for how true it is during that time.

Time is cruel. It just keep moving on & on, & before you know it, we all just look like adults. Got to do this, got to do that. Sooner or later it all gets left behind somewhere... All the pains & dreams when you were a kid.
- Baofu (Persona 2)

Baofu would tell you this all of a sudden (I forgot which part of that story was at) when you talk to him in the Subway Tunnel. Same goes to Katsuya. Yes, I could relate to this quote now at least.

And here's a fav from season 5 of 24! ♥

Kim: So how have you been doing?
Chloe: This morning I woke up with a guy in my bed that I doubt I'm ever going to see again... & one of my best friend just died in front of me. So I guess, not that great.

In your face, Kim! Gotta love Chloe's technical way of socialising. Despite Tony's major absence in this season (& next season *cries*), Bill Buchanan is my new fav just 'cos he's such a stiff! (& seems like he always takes the fall for someone & has no hard feelings for it lol)

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Those who'd think I draw only bishounens - you're WRONG...! I just don't draw old or muscular people cos I don't know how to & I wouldn't enjoy doing so.

KOF2002:UM (mostly for the sake of HIROAKI's ART ♥) Am sad they replaced K9999 for a Tetsuya Nomura-like bishounen called "Nameless". For once I'm against a bishounen replacing a non-bishounen character. Even though he's a carbon copy of Tetsuo frm Akira (prolly that's why he's removed in this remake due copyright issues), I'm fond of his impulsive moves & grin. I remember my friend questions my taste for liking K9999 back in 2001. Hay, he's actually cool okaaay.

My shoulder/back hurts again. Aaah *whines*

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

KOF related. Fanart. Random.

Elisabeth Blanctorche is my other favorite female KOF character. 'Cos I just *love* equestrian outfits. Above sketch contains lotsa perspective/detail errors which I DO care but failed to fix it <--- lame excuse.

• I wish it is now July.
• I am happy there's Elisabeth & Mature addition exclusively for the home console of KOFXII.
• But I certainly prefer their previous costume design (they just look so bland & normal now).
• Still, I was hoping there is K'.
• Watching pixelised, blurred gameplay videos on youtube is just fun.
• And I was supposed to be doing work - I didn't.
• Iori is droolsome ♥

My new love is Ben & Jerry's. I would now think RM26 for a pint is worth it; I must be crazy. Certainly not keepable at home. Considering that my chocolate stash in the fridge are majorly being raided by my beloved 2nd bro whenever he's here.

On work related: It's already passed my 6th month probation and currently on my 9th month here. I don't mean to be 'calculative', but... WHEN IS MY PAY GONNA BE REVISED, BOSSES?

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vagrant Story, Wolverine

I stumbled upon THIS LIST while youtubing for other stuff. Oh mighty Vagrant Story, it's one of the best games I've played during my school days. Who doesn't agree its greatness - shame on yooo~!

Its opening sequence is also one of my all-time favorite game intros ♥ It's also the game that made me adore both Akihiko Yoshida and Hitoshi Sakimoto more ♥♥

Btw, something short about the new Wolverine movie: OMFG TEH BODEEEHHH...!!!

*drool* >8D~
*droooool* >8D~~


I'm surprised at the number of um... guest stars? Dominic Monaghan, and Ryan Reynolds are not what I expected. Did I mention the actress is hawt too? ;____;

Story? What story? :0

A big thanks to Jason for the night! ;D

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buffering videos

KOFXII's official website: Characters section.

Watching buffering videos has never been this pleasant! I could view the frame by frame bits of how the animation flows ♥ ♥ ♥ (well I know there's in fact MORE frames in the actual animation sprites than what I could see from the buffering speed here). I love Ash's revamped sprites; he's sucha lovable b*tch! XD

Now when would they put up Iori's instead. HMPH :(


Monday, March 16, 2009

So I finished RE5 + art

The domain has just been revived & renewed! Thanks to Shyu! YAY! ^3^

On RE5
Poor Wesker. I didn't expect that coming. And I thought Josh was............. ah nvm. Though IMO, overall RE5's difficulty is easier than RE4's. Am I satisfied with the tending? Not really. Would I replay it? Definitely.

RE: Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. OMFGLEONLOOKSOCUUNNNNN *insert fangirl scream* DAMN YOU CAPCOOOOMMMMM~~~!!!!! *shakes fist* A RE2 remake is one of my gaming wishlist (another has to be Vagrant Story by Square). And now of all 3 consoles, it has to be a WII. Orz...

While taking a short break frm RE5, here's some art dump (100 theme art meme, well just 3 of it actually...) :

Click image link to view.

I checked on my visitor stats recently, and I found there's aloooooot that came from the search keyword of "apollo god". HMMM. I didn't thought of that as a popular search, and I think I've only mentioned ONCE about Apollo in my blog, which is Apollo from Saint Seiya, NOT the Olympian Sun God myth >_>

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bring David Archuleta to Malaysia. Resident Evil 5

'Cos it'll be many Malaysian fan's dream come true (including yours truly)!!! \^o^/ Though according to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia, Sony BGM has confirmed that DAVID IS COMING TO KUALA LUMPUR as part of his Asian tour!!! *spazzesdies* BUT, not sure how true or confirmed it is, I'd only be 100% convinced when I see an official released statement on it - so the motive of signing the petition still stands!

His recent ongoing US tour videos absolutely makes me crazy & hopes to be one of the franticly obsessed girls screaming within the crowd over his geeky dance moves. Just imagine we get to see him performing live here in person would be super super super awesome ♥ ♥ ♥

These are some of the exclusive songs he performed during his US tour:

Northampton 2/3/2009 - Zero Gravity
An unreleased 'neo-disco' song. GAH WHY IS IT UNRELEASED?

Allentown 1/3/2009 - Medley
Of "One" (U2) *ARGHspazzesdiesagain*, "You Gotta Be" (Des'ree), "A Thousand Miles" (Vanessa Carlton) and "I'm Yours" (Jason Mraz).

RESIDENT EVIL 5 some first thoughts.
Got my copy last Thursday thanks to my colleague, Ikan Bilis' help! You're a star!
I don't play much PS3 games, but holy, RE5 just looks astounding *__* Spent half of my game time turning & looking at the environment around me. And they did a superb job in their character talking facial expressions, especially Sheva - total opposite of The Umbrella Chronicles' super-stiff talking animations, and yes, it beats the animation of RE: Degeneration by a mile IMO.

Everything's better than RE4 (partner gameplay, weapon switch, more diversed enemies) except the limited inventory part; you can only store 9 items with you, and another 9 with Sheva. Minus the 3 weapons, 3 ammos, 1 melee vest, 1 restorative, means I'm only left with 1 empty slot for Chris.... (I love bringing 3 diff weapons lol) *sucked* But that's just a minor flaw through the game this far :3

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fabius' Crib. WoW screenies.

My first post for the year 2009! I've been neglecting this blog. Again. And again.

From this day onwards, I'll be posting art on FABIUS' CRIB (YUE's blog) instead. So any art will be redirected to there. You can also view my fellow groupmate's art too! ;D

Oh yes, some WoW screenies:

One reason for getting the exalted reputation with the Kalu'ak tribe. It could slide! ♥

Lucky SOBs. Red, blue and green drakes in 1.
On King Ymiron's throne. This was an interesting party to run with ^^

Sideways mammoth. Apparently there's a spot you could do this outside of the Horde quarters in Dalaran?

I'm pausing WoW temporarily. While waiting for the release of RE5, I'm replaying RE4. Gosh, whenever I play this game, I'd think- Leon is sosososoooo dang sexxay! XD~ (and I kept getting him decapitated/neck broken/killed...). Yes I know it's weird to drool over a fictional video game character but what diff does it make if it's a celebrity instead, I still wouldn't get to touch him la! And to hell with RE: Degeneration, Leon belongs to Ada! #__# <--- Leon x Ada fan.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration .....of Leon's appearance?

I was excited ever since I read the announcement of Resident Evil Degeneration movie since the beginning of this year, which's done in full-length CG by CAPCOM, especially with LEON S. KENNEDY in it. OMG. What could be better than that (other than RE4).


Even RE4's in-game model of Leon looks 200% hotter/decent than the FULL-LENGTH CG MOVIE version of him. Instead, the girls looks fabulous in it. EXCEPT LEON. OH THE INJUSTICE. Someone in the production team must've thought only the dudes play the RE games. That's a HUGE mistake! *a very disappointed Leon fan* OTL

While story-wise... I do think the story's draggy (a 90+ min movie felt like a 3 hour movie), add in some dramatic cliché, and Leon getting romantic?? C'MON... was that necessary? Yet another cliché moments; I would only approve that if he's with Ada Wong but sigh, she's non-existent in the movie - WHICH also means, no Albert Wesker.

Even the 'monster boss' looks like a random clone of William Birkin from RE2. GAH. Does Claire even need to be in this movie? I don't see much of her role's importance. They should've given Claire MORE significance to the story plot instead of bringing up some unknown female character (Angela) =_= Overall, I would say it's better than them RE live-action movies; at least Claire's & Leon's personality weren't heavily butchered.

End of unsatisfactory thoughts. I can eat my dinner now.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

New titles to look forward to!

There're still lotsa reasons to have my PS2 back from my 2nd bro, OR even getting a brand new PS2 slim (if my current old, fat PS2 decided to die on me).

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The King of Abaddon (PS2)
Moar Raidou~!!! >8D Yum!

Persona 4 (PS2)
Wth, I'm not even finish with P3 yet. Orz. But I like the concept of eyeglasses... Hee hee..

Some other PS2 titles that are great but I haven't had a chance to play are Okami, Shadow Heart 2/3, Digital Devil Saga 1/2, and 1 more I just forgot what the title is...
Not to forget I haven't even finish with a number of games (Rhapsodia, P3, etc.)

King of Fighters XII
For the PS3! OMFG. Iori FINALLY has a new costume! Wha?! Exposed lower waist detected! HAWTNESS! (is it unhealthy to drool over a pixelised character) >A<;

So many games, so little time. It's so sad. Can I just live with a part-time job? Of course not! Sigh. I miss my school days for this. Ahhh emo doodle of girly men >D

There, I procrastinated my entire Saturday with watching IRONMAN, drinking 3-in-1 coffee by spoon, looking at game videos, downloading Silent Hill Zero tracks, etc. WHERE I SHOULD BE DOING MY WORK INSTEAD (brought home work to rush on for Monday & Tuesday's deadlines) Orz

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A little procrastination..

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

This cracks me up lol XD Haven't gotten tired of watching it.

Encyclopedia Dramatica - dA
I didn't know it is THAT messed up & dramas happening...;;;

AHHH SILENT HILL 5 ------- !!! \*A*/
Despite the site's trailer looks cheap like typical western horror-thriller movies *sigh..* and forum comments about it being 'The Game of Silent Hill: The Movie' instead (the trailer obviously sounds like it already! What happened to the unexpected, open-ended, bizarre air of SH~???) - BUT as a SH fan I'm getting it no matter what. The SECOND TRAILER LOOKS ALOT BETTER though! That's what I remember SH used to feel like at least.

I miss Alex's initial character model though (a.k.a. Dean Winchester lookalike) T_T But the final model looks decent alright. His VA is good :3

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Job 3rd thoughts.

Working on yet another public holiday isn't helping myself to like my current job any better (when I tried to). The only bright side is that I'm learning alot - but in a very short & limited time since almost every project needs to be rushed. Not to forget when something needs to be done fast in a 'forced' way, e.g. working OT till midnight in 3 days straight including a weekend public holiday till the next morning 5am. Now I've worked for at least 17 hours in 1 day! A personal breaking record that I'll be happy to not have it >__>

On another subject, I'm HAPPY to read about this news! Not that it's unexpected, but he totally deserves it. It'll be blasphemous if he don't get a contract!! \(>A<)/

BTW, I'm starting on playing WoW. I've always been wondering what's so addictive about this game, now - I know... =3= (harga minyak naik, I invest on WoW pulak, aduhai~)

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

GTA IV. Job 2nd thoughts.

It is a time where I wish I'm vacationing at my uncle's place in Melbourne even though it's gonna be boring. It's HOT like **** here =____=;;;;; Even the tap water is warm.

GTA IV, love! LOTsa places, roads, internet, dates, activities, people, etc. to explore. I'm not even familiar with the first place yet (my Niko just moved to Bohan, the 2nd place). I only miss the 'skip journey' option on 2nd try missions... it's frustrating to drive all the way frm Broker to Bohan & failed the mission, & drive all the way down there again on retries.. >_>; Currently I can't pass Brucie's racing mission, of all the kind of missions, I HATE racing... and I don't touch racing games.

My job, I'm not really happy to know that I have to work tomorrow, which is a public holiday (Wesak Day) here. My boss eventually forgot this holiday and promised the client to deliver the work on Tuesday. Deadline supposed to be on Monday, so he thought he pushed back a day more for us to work on it, wow, thanks.

But isn't the work time frame are managed by the Project Manager? Isn't he supposed to know that Monday is a public holiday & negotiate with the client about it? (AND remind my boss that there's a public holiday inbetween & see what're the options???) I know client is ultimately important, but we employees have our rights and personal plans too! What if I've already booked a flight ticket to Langkawi, do I have to cancel it just because "Well, what to do? We don't have time already..." kind of BS.

Regarding other BS:
Work on public holiday..
Me: Isn't Monday a public holiday? We have to work also?
Project Manager: Yala.. But you can claim back leave from XXX.
Me: (Am I supposed to be relieved? NO!)

Work on Saturday..
Project Manager: Halfday? Who told you Saturday work halfday one?
Me: (Are you the boss?) Who works fullday on Saturdays? (other than Animasia)

Urgent work..
Project Manager: You choose lah. You wanna work on Saturday fullday or Monday you wanna stay back.
Me: (niama..) Both days sucked anyway.

Sometimes I dislike the way he comes asking "Have you finish XXX already? I need to show the client today" all in a sudden when he didn't tell us when's the deadline in the first place. I'm only on my first month and I'm starting to discover all these shitty kind of time management already.

Another thing's been bugging me is.. the company used to have a Flash actionscript programmer (he left after last month), so now = 0 actionscript programmer except my boss.
There's also a Flash designer, but leaving after this month I think, so in the near future = 1 Flash designer which is ME.
There's 2 interns helping out, but they're finishing after June.
There's a networking and server techie (I think), a web designer (solely designs only, not putting it into work), and 1 more fella I don't even know what's he's doing actually...
So I'm VERY worried, what if the company really works with only 1 dude for each position (1 programmer, 1 flash designer, 1 web designer, 1 techie, 1 etc.) WHOA. That'll be very risky and stressful with the boss coming to you every hour asking have you done anything especially towards the only programmer and flash designer. Getting an interactive website to work by only 1 programmer and 1 flash designer is NOT NOT NOT safe. What's more with the management-inefficient Project Manager haunting you & making you work extra days just because the client wants it fast. Negotiation is part of your job, dude!

I'm gonna give another month or two. I wouldn't have taken this job if I've known the hierarchy & team status (2 seniors leaving) of this company. Lesson learned: FIND OUT OR ASK ABOUT THE COMPANY'S TEAM (and status) BEFORE YOU TAKE THE JOB... next time. I'm such a dope. Sigh.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Some game rants, Art post, David A - Angels

I miss my PS2. I also miss the days I get to enjoy playing RPGs all day long on my PS1 without much worries (homeworks: 3/4 were copied, exams: 2 hours of study perday, school curriculum activies: 98% ponteng).

Final Fantasy VII
was my first RPG game; that's the reason why my bro got our PS1. Wild Arms or Breath of Fire III were my 2nd/3rd RPG game. Suikoden I & II, Xenogears came later. Resident Evil 3 was my first survival horror game thanks to a friend of mine who 'forced' me to play it (I was scared of playing RE games, but not till I actually play it! >8D) King of Fighters '96 was my first fighting game on the PS1. As for PS2, my first RPG game was Final Fantasy X. First survival horror was Silent Hill 2, first action adventure was Devil May Cry. And the rest I lost count.

My first PS3 game is Devil May Cry 4! ^o^ Finally got it yesterday at Summit after going for Street Kings with Ash (then rushing back home for American Idol 7 on 8TV). The shop dude was giggling at the way I took out my money (kept my monies at separate places: wallet, pants & bag pocket - don't ask me why) #_# And it's NOT cheap okay? The only other thing I'm willing to pay RM200 or above are books or a hair makeover (like once a year?) =A=

Art post:

A commission from y0sh1r0 on his OC, Takayuki. Here's only the lineart of it. Finally I have some art to post...!

David Archuleta - Angels

David performing "Angels" by Robbie Williams on his Top 8 Inspirational Songs Week. Somehow it's expected he'd sing this song @_@ "Despite what you're going through, there's always a light in the end of the tunnel". You go, boy! His live performance was better than his studio version IMO 'cos I *LOVE* how he ends his song in the performance <3 >83

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vergil ARTFX

[1] Finish my 1st comic submission 'hardworking-ly'.
[2] Finish my 1st comic submission as soon as I can.
[3] Finish Tsa's logo as soon as I can.
[4] Finish Ethereal chapter 3 for YUE7 by 21st(?) / as soon as I can.

[1] Watch AVGN videos.
[2] Watch Ghost Hunters (TAPS) on youtube.
[3] Watch American Idol s.7 on 8tv.
[4] Hunt for DMC3 Vergil ARTFX figurine online.
[5] Blog.

Ironically I did everything on "shouldn't do's" & did NOTHING on "should do's" >8D Someone should whip me! *headshot*
But I promised myself to finish my work submission by the end of next week. I feel so bad for being so lame & sloooww... T__T (sorry ben, will work hard! and smart!) T__T

And why would someone release something like this:

EVIL #_______# How could they release something so evil like this. More clearer, bigger photos of him here.
I thought there wouldn't be any decent Vergil figurine, & now there's one, & it's f-ing expensive. It costs almost RM300 in XL-Shop, and RM300+ elsewhere online. W-H-Y-??? Now I just hope I got my preorder & my card works fine (Yes, I actually went & order it!) o_o Hence, the $$$ that I reserved for getting DMC4 goes to THIS. Heck, this' even more expensive than getting DMC4. But I really hope my preorder goes fine. Having a cool Vergil figurine has been one from my wishlist.

Back to work. I procrastinate TOOOOOOO much I should be ashamed of myself.. OTL

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet Franky! + some photos

Meet mah new love~! \\(^o^)//

Got my PSP about 2 weeks ago, despite it being white, I named it "Franky" *does a Franky pose!* AuU--!! Need to find a blue star sticker to go with it now >8D

Since I have no new art or sketch to post. I'll post some old random photos... whether anyone like it or not...

Julie, my tubby dachshund~ <3

Bei-Bei, bro no.1 & gf's miniature poodle. Very friendly & playful of course. She has grown slightly bigger by now though.

My sleep work desk taken few months ago.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sketches. PSP?

Popped by Summit with Mel after work to get her NDS lite. Ended up waiting for over an hour to get things done (fix screen, pick games, upload games, PSP Q&A's) because that small shop was super packed with humans one after another, family after family.. *hasn't had breakfast, lunch & was looking forward for dinner* OTL

But another new staff was nice to let us try on his Monster Hunter 2 (he was rambling about it on & on while adjusting & fixing the screen protector unto Mel's NDSL) & *squee* tried Silent Hill Origins with his phat PSP while waiting. Though it's hard & distracting to just play any games among that crowd of humans...;;; Guh.

I'm gonna go get my PSP later today with 2nd bro! ^o^ Should I get ori SH:O??? >w< >w< >w<;;; But that shop doesn't have it yet atm............ duh.

Original - Ethereal: 'Omega'
Fanart - Dynasty Warriors 5: Gan Ning & Ling Tong
Fanart - Persona 3: Akihiko Sanada

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Turned 23. Persona 3 <3

Currently I am totally hooked on Persona 3.

It's a very bad time to get hooked on a game, and yet I went & got it while I was inquiring about PSP price (yesh, I've decided to get a PSP for sure).

I didn't know chasing girls are so interesting & amusing ^o^ As well as hanging out with different acquaintances you get to meet throughout the game to improve your Social Link.

The English seiyuu's are not bad, except for that young boy whom the hero encounters from time to time (I'm still early in the game, so I don't & wouldn't wanna know any spoilers) I love Junpei's voice the best. Suits his clowny character well XD

Gameplay wise, I don't like the fact that I can't fully control other party members. Sometimes they does something silly =3= Though I find that 'gun suicidal' summoning move unique, but it might deliver a negative idea to young/immature players ^^; It's cool though. Rather than reaching up the hand & plainly yelling "Persona~"..
& each of them has their own style/direction of shooting their head if I'm not mistaken (though Hero & Junpei's looks like the same).


I need to sleep. Been having only 4 hours of sleep for 5 days. OH, I just turned 23!! My phone line happens to be barred atm =3= Sorry anyone if I didn't return your SMS or calls.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Back from Singapore! PLAY! Symphony <3

Went Singapore with Pea & a gang of CF members last Friday night / Saturday midnight & just got home not too long ago!

PLAY! Symphony
was super awesome~~~!!!!!
>O< ^O^ TOT My eyes were actually covered with tears when they were performing some of the game soundtracks (I was too happy/touched/getting sentimental/etc.) AAAHH~ ENCORE ENCORE~~~!!! <3<3<3 They've actually encored twice! <3 Arnie Roth was cool! The organ pipe performer was cool as well! And Takenobu Mitsuyoshi was unexpectedly performing solo the DAYTONA theme, which he originally composed - he's so genki! XD I especially enjoyed Super Mario, Lost Odyssey, Castlevania, Shenmue II, Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger + Cross, and of course, FFVII's One Winged Angel (it's encored!) <3<3<3

The only disappointing thing was there wasn't any Silent Hill scores performed, even though Akira Yamaoka was one of the featured composers in the (whooping S$30!) booklet!! >A< He's actually attending PLAY!'s upcoming performance as a guest performer in Sydney..!!! T___T (YE BLERDY NO FAIR!) But overall, I'm still DAMN happy to attend it. FOOKING WORTH IT! COME TO MALAYSIA DANGIT!!!!! (& bring Akira Yamaoka too!) >A<

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