Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tokyo trip loots...

...that I'm proud to own! >8D

Kazuma Kaneko's PANDEMONIUM Vol. 1~3 & ShinMegaTen Devil Summoner World Guidance bookssss.
These 3 PANDEMONIUM books (Black, Red & Purple) had been in my wishlist ever since I knew the awesomeness of Kazuma Kaneko years ago, but couldn't get my hands on it since it's all out of publication for a long time. Finding these 3 books was one of my objective in this Tokyo trip. Just gotta LOVE second-hand bookstores ♥♥♥ (Purple book frm K-Books in Akiba, Black & Red frm Mandarake in Nakano Broadway) Each page is worth every single yen spent, and I'm definitely treasuring these 3 books even though it's 2nd-handed, which's still in mint quality ^^

Whaddyacallit... bell keychains/straps.
For some reason I knew Japan sells a variety of these kinda bells that produce a low jingly sound. And it's true, almost everywhere are selling these kinds of bell. I got 3 for myself (another 2 are frm Disneyland). Just love the sound of it, it's quite therapeutic for someone weird like me lol. One thing I kinda regretted not getting is the wind chime I saw in Senso-ji Temple..... aahh it's only 300yen anyway stupid me~ *pictures that 300yen wind chime in her mind & despair for not getting it* ...

Phoenix Wright strap!
You're not a Phoenix Wright fan unless you own at least one of his merchandise! HAHA! Now I do~How could you resist a cute chibi Phoenix pointing forward with "OBJECTION!"

Sorta 'Cowboy' hat
Frm Disneyland! (ahh the shape's gone off a little thanks to my unskilled folding skill while packing) .. I've always wanted a cowboy-looking hat. Not sure where else I'm gonna wear this though, it just feels perfectly normal wearing this around Tokyo ;__; (Random person: Then why the heck do you bought it for?)

Random pattern bag
Got this from the shops in Senso-ji Temple. And another pattern for Ash. It's BROWN, with some retro-harmony colours/patterns with it = LOVE = BUYI was stuck between 3 varieties of this design (beige, baby pink or baby blue) YUE group majority votes for beige, so beige it is! It's just a simple non-heavy duty bag, but the design is yummy. I dunno WTH is 'Diana & Francis' though.

There are still some other loots that I'm fond of; one of it are the ice-gel packs they provide along with cold dessert takeaways (to keep the dessert cool)... Some people might say I'm silly to keep these stuff back, but I think the ice-gel packs are cool 0__0
I miss Tokyo food already.... delicious vendoring machine gyudon~ salty ramen~ salmon+ebiko onigiri~ takoyaki~ purin~ Food we ate are usually below 1000yen for 2-3 person (we shared meals all the time). The last few days I survived on 100yen noodle cup & less than 200yen onigiris for dinners. It's kinda pathethic in other people's POV, but to me it's something memorable & sweet desu :'D

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

David's showcase + Tierkreis artbook

Last Saturday's David Archuleta Showcase at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater (finally!)
- Reached around 11.30am, parked at Sunway Hospital carpark (we're directed to park there for the showcase, lol, doesn't it seem kinda 'taboo-ish'..?) & walked to the Elephant Walk.
- Queue was goddamn long by that time.
- Only get to enter around 1pm?
- Various guest artist performances who I don't know.
-'s JJ and Ean made their appearances. But hey, Ean doesn't really seem that short.. He's okay.
- David finally appears around 4pm+, crowd went crazy, fangirls went crazy, yours truly was 'concentrating'.
- David's performances seems kinda rushed IMO. But his voice was *truly* superb! No doubt about it and I just grew fond of his voice even more!
- IF ONLY the crowd was more respectful and just let him sing his song w/o interfering with their random screams in between verses! Anyway, it's just a showcase so can't complain much.
- DAVID JUST LOOK EVEN CUTER IN PERSON. That shirt looks fimilar with one he wore in one of his US tour though.
- No Zero Gravity. Aww :(

Stuffs I got recently:

Gensou Suikoden Tierkreis: Official Illustration & Artworks.
I'm LOVIN' this book *glomps* Thanks to Pea for getting it for me ♥ All 108 character illusts & sketches, hmm wait, even more than 108 characters, world concept art, weapons, monsters, storyboards = MUST GET for fans or non-fans if ye like character designs. And the book's THICK. Just lookit the cover. SKETCH. Just sketch. No fancy mancy high quality cover art shit. Each pages filled with roughly drawn art (+ color) although paper quality is average, non-glossy. But I'd consider its worth a bargain for only RM116 (Rm93 with discount). I LIKE ♥

I'm curious what's interesting about Neil Gaiman books. I chose to read the short stories since I know I hardly finish a 1-story book (except Harry Potter 1-4). This would be my 2nd Neil Gaiman book after M for Magic.

I switched my Supercard for R4. So I asked Uncle can I change that Rosey theme...? (cos it looks shit ugly) And look what he did for me instead. THANKS UNCLE FOR MAKING MY DS SO FEMININE NOW. Orz. While waiting Uncle lets me play RE5 on the 360. And I accidentally saved over my gameplay over his (.......oops) tho I don't think I sabotaged anything; prolly even restocked his ammos... AH but I'll prefer the PS3 controller very much thank you.

m-Flo feat. Alex (clazziquai) - Love Me After 12AM

The ever so fascinating m-flo, esp. Verbal m(__)m Tho I have no idea who Alex is except that he's Korean. But he's hawt ^^ *sucka for formal/neato wear* Wehehehehehhh. I love how the acoustic tune turns upbeat halfway & Verbal takes over. w00t! Thanks Kah Wai for showing me this.

BTW, a note to make someone happy. YES YOU. If you're reading this, though I have no goddamn idea how or why you'd bother loading this friggin' page - play a song lar. I'm still waiting lol. Though I won't donate :\

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thousand Sunny!

We had our company's Christmas gift exchange today. Wai Mun, one of our art director bought everyone of us a gift. And this is what I got: Thousand Sunny ship complete with all the latest Strawhat crew! *A* Vivi!! THANK YOOOOOO!!! I will work harder! *salutes* (but I'll still play WoW!)

Luffy's *SpArKLiNg* headshot is a WIN!!! ♥
The character pieces and the interior of TS ship reminds me of the old Polly Pocket I used to love. Will prolly bring this over to Pea's place tomorrow to play before dinner! >8D

Took the photo at home since I don't have a good camera at work. We get to leave earlier today as well. Yays~


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008: my lewtz :D

It's not much. Has yet to go through all of them, but I did less doujin shopping this year I think. Spent approx. RM154, since I've forgotten the price of some of the books. As usual, my brain was half-awake (or quarter) throughout both CF days due to the lack of sleep for the entire week before +_+

The venue for this year's CF is great; wide, more spacious, comfy chair, nice air-conditioning, nice neighbours (Daruma), and Sunway Pyramid convention center is just about 25 mins away from my house. The only drawback was the entrance fee, but I wouldn't complain since the venue is great. And it's a great thing they've decided to disallow cosplay photography within the doujin booths on the 2nd day.

Speaking of Daruma, it's such a surprise to see Santa, Andy, and KF/Chopstick again! (para-para senpai sekalian~!) And they're just next door neighbours - Such coincidence desu! ^^ Also long-time-see-kawan Lily! Lynling! (congrats for Chocofan & FMA sold-out sales & prize winner!!) Amber, Miaka, Yogi, Mel, Ze Ming, Constance, Ah Yap, Apai, Njay, KOK LEE, etc etc~~ <3<3

Now YUE #7! I must post some shots of it (should've pimp this before CF but oh well):

Sales wasn't bad, I'm personally happy with it but it'd be mostly thanks to Pea! (and sorry for being so mou yung in hard selling orz..) And next year would be our YUE's 10th year anniversary~ Yup, TEN YEARS! TT_TT We'll see what we could cook up for next year! :3

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

YUE website revamped! Some attained & wanted BOOKS.

Our doujin group YUE's website has a new layout!

And that's about it. I'd even forgot to put up a section to introduce Fabius, our MASCOT which's frequently ignored by us unintentionally...;; But what we're most concerned about is: After 2 years, could we finally produce YUE #7 this year??? .............. Stay tuned, folks! XD

Had an outing at Times Square & KLCC with the Animasia folks last Sunday (miss you Lynling~!) *3* Finally got a chance to visit Kinokuniya! Also finally got rem's Vampire Kisses manga, and also unexpectedly, I found what I have always been looking for:
Dictionary of Classical Mythology!

I've always wanted a dictionary or encyclopedia of this subject but usually the ones I found are expensive. This book was cheap since it wasn't a high quality print, but what matters most to me is the amount of entries & descriptions. There was another huge & THICK dictionary that costs only RM106.xx (hard cover too)! That really seems comprehensive to me *sparkling eyes* but my budget was tight & I don't wanna carry a huge book all the way back by LRT.

the latest Gackt photobook, 龍の化身

I assume it would be a Fuurin Kazan themed photobook? If it is, I 120% WANT IT! It looks gorgeous from the cover and some small thumbnails surrounding the book. And it's THICK (160 pages) with hard cover if I'm not mistaken. I don't usually invest money on photobooks *only owns 1 Gackt photobook & none other* but judging from the few small previews I've seen, the 'photography style' (orwhateveryoucallit) looks beautiful *_* OYE, it's GACKT. OF COURSE HE'S BEAUTIFUL!! *smiling widely by herself* Especially if it's Fuurin Kazan themed, then it would be worth it (from a Gackt's fan POV) >w<

Should I get it from Amazon.. SHOULD I??? *___* Since I'm planning to get Kazuma Kaneko Works III soon as well. Scans of it can be found at BeYourTrueMind.
I'm contemplating. Whether should I cancel my Vergil ARTFX preorder for these 2 books. It's bad to get obsessed with stuff ;__;

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Room cleaning + new toy.

Moved some book shelves around in my room, some cleaning, some thrashing, and most important of all, moved my desk nearer to my bed and also the ceiling fan, so hopefully me & [LUFFY] (my ol' 3kg Fujitsu laptop) could have a cooler environment whenever we're spending time together in my stuffy room x_X; Parents did a huge favor for me as well; speeding my process of moving things *LOVES* I'm such a tortoise...! TwT;

Gonna continue my room activity tomorrow, 'cos I'm tired, lazy & hungry.. OTL *is actually lazy...*

Another recent addition into our entertainment family is................

Yesterday eldest bro just decided to come home with it after his work. It's fat, big, a little heavy and white (pretty!!) The only game we have now is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game of the Year Edition), which bro wanted to play.


One day I finally caught a pic of this bird outside my window...

Occasionally (sometimes morning, sometimes noon), this fella comes & start pecking at its own reflection outside of my window for a few minutes, at the same area. I have no idea why... This has been happening for a long time, so I don't know whether if it's the same bird actually ^^;

Gonna be starting my new job at a local new comic company this upcoming Monday. AGH

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet Franky! + some photos

Meet mah new love~! \\(^o^)//

Got my PSP about 2 weeks ago, despite it being white, I named it "Franky" *does a Franky pose!* AuU--!! Need to find a blue star sticker to go with it now >8D

Since I have no new art or sketch to post. I'll post some old random photos... whether anyone like it or not...

Julie, my tubby dachshund~ <3

Bei-Bei, bro no.1 & gf's miniature poodle. Very friendly & playful of course. She has grown slightly bigger by now though.

My sleep work desk taken few months ago.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

More new artbooks!

Went down KL for a Japanese buffet lunch with colleagues & ex-colleagues at Saisaki er.. I forgot @_@; I only managed to go 2 rounds.. *shame & FEELING VERY POOR* OTL The food, lotsa variety, but not really to my liking - the fried ones were a little soft.. though I didn't get to try the rest of the food there anyway... *POOR*...
It's also been awhile since I took LRT -> Monorail around KL. It's.... something I'd only willing to do once in a blue moon (crowded, hot & stickiness, tired, long journey) +_+

We head to TimeSquare after lunch, visiting every figurine shop we could find. Eventually I ended up getting these 4 (notoriginal) artbooks from Animetech ^^;
From left-right:
(1) DeathNote/Obata Takeshi Illustrations
(2) Shen Shen Chuan Shuo A (???)
(3) Shen Shen Chuan Shuo B (???)
(4) Fabrica Theologiae - Trinity Blood Artbook

And so I became even poorerER. But it's a good bargain considering it's less than RM200 for these FOUR ARTBOOKS; which 2 of it I've been longing to own but couldn't afford the original price =w=

The 2 books of Shen Shen Chuan Shuo (I dunno its meaning, don't ask!) were highly unexpected though; it's all very much thanks to Lynling for pointing to me the artbook corner (if she hadn't tell me, I wouldn't have found these 4 yummy books!!) T__T <3 Shen Shen Chuan Shuo are illustrative books of the Saints from Saint Seiya, which includes the Bronze, God Warriors, Olympian Gods, Hades' Specters, & MORE). It could be fan-made(?) but it's just too breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL *__* <3<3<3 Apollo's would be my most favourite~ *gasp* >o<

And so, it's WORTH ALL THAT TROUBLE LUGGING THESE 4 HEAVY THICK-COVER BOOKS AROUND TIMESQUARE & ALL THE WAAAAAY BACK MYSELF..!!! #__# 'Cos.. sigh, I wasn't offered any 'manly help' from the guys AT ALL (except 1 who eventually left early) ... Sad =A=; Guys these days... Oye Oye~

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Layout switch. New artbooks, Luffy figs.

Switched layout to one of blogger's for a change.
My orders arrived at my office yesterday (Thursday)! Thanks to Lynling for receiving it for me since I went out for a long lunch >w<; What I bought: Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007, Jewel (Higuri You's 2nd artbook), and Minako Iwasaki's Artworks book. The other 8 books are all Pea's!

This is the Artworks of GGX 2000-2007 artbook, and I really *LOVE* the cover! >_< (the illust, the texture, design). Simple & verrry cool. 19 new illustrations + 5 pages of sketch works + 1 page of 'extra' + 4 pages of a step-by-step process of how Daisuke Ishiwatari illustrate. Well, I guess that's the differences between this and the previous GGX 2000-2004 artbook. And I'm darn happy to own this! >w< *molests cover* <3

Next, I managed to get my hands on 3 Luffy figurines from Y!Taiwan Auction, very much thanks to Amber for all the help~! m(__)m YES! I finally got that POP 3 Luffy figurine! (middle) The left most is POP 1 (smiling Luffy), right most POP 2 (serious Luffy - so bishie desu!!) >o<

Went for Ratatouille during the Merdeka celebration. Amazing animation @.@ I'd want to watch it again. Remy is sooo cute! (and so is his bro) XD

Happy 50th Merdeka, Malaysia~!!!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Comiworld, flat tyre, sick.

Comiworld was held on 18th-20th August at Cineleisure Damansara.
Most of my collegues (esp. chinese-only speakers) pronounced it as "Comicworld" instead of Comiworld, even if I repeated to them it's C-o-m-i-w-o-r-l-d, w/o the C.. But then I gave up, whatever they wanna call it =w=;
I only get to go on 19th.

First, a pimpage of YUE's latest sketchbook (click image link to enlarge):
It's late to pimp this by now but we're doing online ordering as well :3

Price: US$ 4, not including shipping.
Content: 35 pages worth of sketches in total by Miaow/Kyou, Pea, Hooli & Chibiying/Lexaross.
Interested or questions just note Miaow in DA or ask me here or anywhere you could find me.

Continuing my day on Comiworld, to simplify everything:
Morning: my car got a flat tyre while almost reaching Pea's place. My bad. Really thankful to Pea, Miaow & friends, Pea's neighbour, & her dad for helping! I'm such an idiot when it comes to car problems.
Noon: started opening YUE booth. Sales was poor. Lotsa passer-by's & shoppers instead of doujin/comic fans. Didn't expect the whole event to be THAT scattered throughout the shopping mall...
Evening: Close & packed around 6.30-7pm. Decided to join the big crowd for dinner out of Cineleisure/Curve/Ikea/Ikano; leaving Miaow & friends behind at their movie :| Sorry, we did not do that on purpose, but we had our reasons for not staying back.

Loots: DMC doujin, Vergil & Lady card & stickers all from the booth nextdoor :3 Inu mo Arukeba / Man's Best Friend manga by Kazusa Takashima (finally get to own one of her manga~), a small Spongebob plushie, & a KLP comic shared with Pea. Plus a RM40 worth of petrol for the week goes to my car + lunch$ + dinner$ = total flat wallet T__T

Today: Caught flu + slight fever. Been watching ONE PIECE episodes almost the entire noon since I skipped work (shh..!) Tyre damage cost = RM110 (got a whole new tyre). Orz.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

An actual 'diary'...?

This should be a post for yesterday:

Dad and mom went for Cliff Richard at Genting and would be back tomorrow.

Hooli's birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOOLI~ <3 So went for a dinner at the Curve's Kim Gary (sankyuu for the dinner!) Too bad Pea couldn't make it, zannen desu yo. I somehow always thought of senpai whenever I passed by Uptown. Sigh sigh TT_TT *buries self in blanket*

Got Devil May Cry 1 and 2 novel; first thinking it's the manga (actual manga has another cover.. uhuhuhuhh *mistaken*) but glad to get it anyway since I've always wanted to know more about DMC's storyline. And I'm surprised Vol.1's illustrations are by Miwa Shirow o_o! TokyoPop listed Miwa Shirow as Vol.2's illustrator as well but that's actually wrong (how could they make that mistake?) oAO; Vol.2's illustrations were definitely by another artist. Don't know who though.

Later went for yumcha at Taipan with ex-collegemates. Which reminds me about one thing: I'm shocked to find that the guys have just discovered about the phenomena of torrent downloading not too long ago (...they're THAT deprived?) Where have they been all these years? D: *slaps forehead*

I wanna watch Ghost Rider--!!!
Been anticipating it since last mid-year and the most recent trailer seems awesome #_# Just hope the 'awesomeness' is not only all that's shown in the trailer.

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