Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka. District 9

Despite some people are saying.. why celebrate Merdeka when democracy is dead. Ah phooey, it's a 3 days holiday this weekend so stop being politically emo & just celebrate it already! HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY, MALAYSIA!

Though yours truly is spending the moment as how she usually pass her weekends at home, either on her bed reading/sleeping or in front of the PC drawing/watching vids/reading random stuff online.

I was too bored... & too reluctant to start sketching on a storyboard for submission.

District 9

My first impression before I actually saw the movie was – NieA_7. Too lazy to explain why.
The idea of this movie was discrimination against aliens who took refuge on earth. Prolly it’s about time someone does a reverse plot of the usual aliens invading earth by attacking/eating/infecting/experimenting humans. District 9 is the other way round; yes even eating aliens.
What I’m most fond of this movie is the depiction of the main human protagonist, Wikus from an ordinary, hopeful, working husband into a deranged, infected survivor against his own organization. This transition simultaneously conveys Wikus’ anguish & dismay of what’s happening to him. I hated him for his egocentric & prejudiced personality throughout the show, & yet I wouldn’t want this character to fail. Sure, that scene where he turned back for Christopher & asked him to run ahead were cheesy & cliché somewhat, but IMO it’s all done in a splendid outcome. And what’s the other best thing about this movie? All hateable evil villains gets what they deserved
(the ‘watermelon burst’ effects are exciting yes?)

It's that feeling again, broken & lost for words. I didn't mean to be accusive nor skeptical. Yes, I don't understand. Yes, I couldn't handle. Yes, you're damn right. Because I'm like a one-sided wing that keeps flying in circles on the ground - I guess that's how things are between us.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If I had a tail like a dog...'d probably be making a buzzing sound from shaking so quickly with hidden joy.
"Aah, I'm so lucky that I'm not a dog". I thought to myself with relief.
Thinking that, I was amazed at myself for being such an idiot.

After a (sorta) 10 days vacation in Tokyo, Japan - here I am back at home. And I miss Tokyo already. MUCH. Please teleport me back even just for 5 minutes. Yes, I enjoyed the trip very very very much. Thank you Pea, Miaow & Iluna, for making this trip memorable indeed. Hmm photos? Uhm I'll leave the selecting, resizing & uploading job for another day where I'd have more time to spare (I guess you could say I'm abit tad lazy...) *shot* For some odd reasons, I miss the train rides... especially the train station in Ikebukuro (West exit... West exit...) ^^;

And watching 5cm/s by Makoto Shinkai (recommended by Iluna) just makes me miss the trains even more ;__;

I'm up for some emo anime & 5cm/s IS emo... Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good; sad romance with lotsa symbolism, & I like that combination. Here's a quote frm the youtube itself abt this OVA: This film gives a realistic view of the struggles many face against; time, space, people, and love. The movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second for the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall- petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways. Yesh, do watch it.

5cm/s is a total opposite genre from me being recently converted into a Saint Young Men fangirl... Anyone who's interested in Jesus-Buddha coming down to earth for a vacation in Japan humour, PLEASE. DO. READ. Saint Onii-san~I didn't expect that much hilarity in it till I was actually hooked to it when I take a look on Pea's SYM books. There's a regret in me for not getting the Saint Evangelion doujin we saw in Mandarake.... the cover illust itself is a WIN.

Another recent fandom is HETALIA (Axis Powers HETALIA), which's popular among girls in Japan now. A few rows of coin figurines could vanish in just a day.. (ah.. Russia....................... I was too late... TT_TT) It started as a satire webcomic about historical facts & relations during World War I & II countries; which's represented by mostly male characters. Thus far, I'm still fond of Russia. "VODKA~~~~~~"

I need a shower...
I wish there's a Yoyogi Park here where I could take a picnic observing trees & birds while listening to the faint ambience sound of an uncle practicing with his saxophone...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Coraline. Art. Random rants.

Oh my twitchy witchy girl, I think you are so nice, I give you bowls of porridge, & I give you bowls of ice cream, I give you lots of kisses, & I give you lots of hugs, but I never give you sandwiches with bugs in. - Coraline

I love Coraline. There's an immense respect I had for stop-motion animation, and Coraline is beautiful, even the dull colour hues in the 'real world' are interesting to feast your eyes on.

Overall the story gives an eerie feeling of having an alternate reality seperated by a small mysterious door at a corner of your living room - yesh, I love alternate realities, alternate dimensions, alternate personalities, alternate outcomes, alternate whatever there is. And a part of this story's moral basically tells no matter how sucky your current reality is, it IS always the better one; as long you're willing to try & look at it in a different, positive point of view & give it another chance to make it better. I'm just disappointed with the idea of the 'belman' controlling everything in the 'other world' & desperately needing someone to love. Probably 'cos I was expecting something more bizarre than that. Thanks Tara for the lend!

You know when you're asked an important question - be it trouble-wise, or relationship-wise kinda situation - somewhere in your mind, you know the answer, yet you couldn't put it all into words to tell it. THIS, is one of my flaws.

And now, I couldn't properly describe how I've been lately, so here's a list in point form.. 'cos I CAN:
• I dislike untrue news about me. Stop overreacting in defining people's actions, grow up.
• I wasn't really going after how high my increment will be. As long there is, in addition to the backlogged 4-5 months, which my salary should've been reviewed; I'm fine.
• I felt useless when I realised someone else could do something (perfectly) while I couldn't when I tried. I wasn't really worth the time afterall even as a friend.
• I am always the one who ask. I never get one in return. Someone else does. Simple things like this could crush my ego in a second. And it's been crushed several times so far.
• Wanted to walk out of office & head to the stairs by the elevators to cry during lunch today, I didn't. I just needed somewhere quiet & alone that's not my work desk.
• Consulted with Arty on a part of my problem, & bugga you do cheer me up & enlighten me on some things. It just hit the spot & you understood/expected what I'm trying to say even in just msn chat. You're too kind T_T (mampuih aku kalo u know I say this here lol TSA, YOU DON'T GO TELL HIM THIS OK!)
• I love midnights, and people might say I'm a weirdo for finding sitting in my kitchen downstairs at 2-3am sipping cold honey-lemon or snacking quietly while staring blankly at the dark living room IS mind-relaxing... (well that's one of the things I like doing during midnights). Though I must force myself to sleep EARLY... sigh.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Pounds. DMC. Random song pluggin'

7 Pounds thoughts
• It's sad how a tragic accident occurred from merely reading a text message while driving. It's a lesson!
• Where the heck did he get them jellyfishes..
• How the HECK did he manage to fix that vintage machine when noone who specialised in it could do so.. (probably his knowledge in... aeronautics?????)
• How did he manage the tax extensions when he's not even a real tax collector himself.
• Emily has a rare bloodtype, I'm not sure how exactly organ donation works but what are the odds his heart is a match for her RARE bloodtype..
• Ignore the logic & impossibilities, this could be a good emotional movie.

• I loveloveloved The Pursuit of Happyness no matter how corny or untrue ppl might say about it. Oops, off topic...

Detroit Metal City
• I gave this a try since it has an interesting plot: A no-talent pop musician wannabe ends up as a highly idolised death metal god unwillingly.
• Despite its kusoness, I find this anime very very entertaining.
• I can't get the song out of my head..... ugh. It's so... cheerful.

This reminds me, I owe u a Mr.2 gift art...! Forgive me! m(__)m

Cheerful song aside, here's a slow one I just discovered since someone hadn't recommend this to me >_> So I'll HELP MYSELF.

It's like a simple picture, but with a deep allusion & intimacy within it. I'm bad at explaining & might've interpreted the song differently whocares. Damn song made me teared for a moment ;__;


Monday, June 01, 2009

Some quotes, some rants, some movies.

"It is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder."
I'm always wondering.

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
The feeling of wanting to erase a wrong ugly stroke while there's no eraser or ctrl+z available; THE HORROR. OkIgetitperfectly.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Yours truly is bored. Because Raidou 2 finally decided not to load on her crappy PS2 for good. I've been feeling the lack of enthusiasm at work lately. It hasn't been a year yet and I'm feeling plain b o r e d at what I'm doing. There's been times I thought of the possibility of returning to the animation field, for the sake of doing something different once in awhile. I do miss the Animasians, everyone shares the same interests & lotsa team efforts & friendliness T_T You won't find that kind of colleagues & environment else where. NOPE. But then again, everything has its ups and mostly downs. Or maybe I just need a vacation; Somewhere by a beach so I can sulk all I want..~

Another thing to add into my depression is the guilt lingering in me. I'm probably the most selfish, unpredictable, mean, nonsensicle person anyone should meet or know. Someone might understand what I meant since I love popping up stupid questions/assumptions randomly & give you a hard time just because I feel insecure (I apologise again for those past & future moments lol). I know it can't be helped, and if I do, it'll only make matters worst? I don't know. I'm not in a clear & steady mind now to make a proper judgment. Very often I wish someone or a divine conscience could appear and just tell me what's right & what's wrong, BUT that would only defeats the purpose of living a life. Someone out there, I'm SORRY. I just want to relax & feel free, not be stressed or uncomfortable at the same time. And I realised by my attempt of doing so, I'd caused trouble/uneasiness to other people as well. NOW I SOUND PREACHY OH GAWD I SHALL STOP ALREADY. Anyone who read this whole paragraph, you're sick lol you deserve no prize *gets stoned to death*

Terminator: Salvation brief thoughts:
• There's NOT ENOUGH TERMINATORS (humanoid types) walking about. Skynet HQ is a good sad example.
• I enjoyed the giant robot blasting every escaping vehicles :D And the two bikes ejected from its legs. Cool.
• Christian Bale
• Helena Bonham Carter is a surprise for me.
I liked her from her role as Bellatrix (Harry Potter) & Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd).
• Marcus stepping on a landmine is a sad outcome. Poor Marcus. That's for following a hungry babe through a field of landmines when she said it's okay to :D
• John Conner's wife looks younger than she was in Terminator 3
(no offense to Claire Danes fans).
• Overall it's OK. I miss Arnold.

Milk brief thoughts:
• I didn't know it'd be related to the history of Castro Street in San Francisco.
• I didn't know there's James Franco
• Sean Penn is brilliant.
• I like modern films that depicts the 70's (another is Zodiac).
• Watching this with mom is like watching a comedy. Sigh.
• I have not much thoughts, but it left a good impression. And I love movies that does that.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brownish. Some movie rant

Made some minor changes to the colours here. Has it turned ugly? Or unnoticable... I don't care :D And I'm trying out ShoutBox since I'm bored.

Well I'm not supposed to be bored (is actually procrastinating from doing work). I should've done my work earlier today (but noOoO, I HAD to play Raidou & waste time on this blog) - So I ended up staying awake till now, which is 3:44AM; thus work is done. But I want to rant since it's only here I could do so now *lame*

Angels & Demons kinda super-brief thoughts:
• Tom Hanks doesn't really look old as I expected :D He's the main reason why I wanna watch this movie.
• Ewan McGregor is the 2nd reason.
• It's a movie you'd only find interesting the first time you watch it (since I didn't read the book).
• SPOILER >>> The guy exploded in the car - predictable? Probably 'cos recently I've just seen the same outcome in season 3 of 24; guy went in car assuming he'd finally escape & then kabOom-! But that actor is cute.
• That last part of Patrick is expected :( Bro shouldn't have told me the ending is "not what you'd expect". Ceh.
• Patrick's outfit just automatically forces me to think of that parody trailer from Tropic Thunder
(which's about 2 gay priests by RDJ & Tobey Maguire lolforgivemysickmind *bricked*)
• Overall, it's a OK for me.

24, Season 3 super super brief thoughts:
• This season onwards I really like the relationship between Tony & Michelle. They're both very strong-willed & inspiring characters.
• And Reiko Aylesworth is a pretty lady. I don't get bored staring at her whenever she appears on screen
• For once I don't hate Chappelle! ;____; Poor poor him.....

4:27AM... *despairs*

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

And she sighs. And sighs. And sighs....

I wasn't even sure if this should be depressing or pleasant..... If there's no way to cry, why not just improvise it. Of course, this is illogical. Sigh.

Star Trek. Kinda super brief thoughts:
• Zachary Quinto FTW! ♥
• Spock and Uhura is like a big question mark. What the hell.
• Kirk actor (sorry I forgot who's the actor) has very pretty eyes.
• Skinny girls is unattractive. Really.
• Young Kirk speeding with the car and ended up at the end of a cliff is like a big waste of film time. Why didn't they just save it for the deleted scenes..
• I like the death scenes. Especially the part the Romulan guy got blasted upwards at the driller thing, and the red suit guy who got instantly roasted at the bottom of the driller. Aww...
• Ah.. I thought the enemy would have a bigger or more complex agenda.....
• Overall it's a OK for me.
- end -

I wanna go for Angels & Demons.
I want a short vacation. August is just too far away.
Someone, yes you have a point I should've agreed to go with you for the concert in Singapore this weekend. But nothing can be done now except me emoing over a wasted opportunity to go for a vacation, which I badly need now... CEH. AS IF YOU WOULD GO. Tipu la.

Sighs. Listens to sad piano scores.
I want a mc for tomorrow.... *mumbles*

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Random blab...

There's time my mind go thinking how envious am I towards someone's bliss. And I would then think what a failure I am - the injustice and irony, but it's reality afterall. Just a temporary thought; I just felt like whining alittle. IGNORE THIS.

I can't draw anything right lately except just headshots T___T

Been 'boiling' episodes of 24 lately, and currently on season 3 (Zachary Quinto! ♥) Ah btw, my fav character has to be Tony Almeida :D I don't know why.. *shrugs*


Sigh time passes fast......

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vagrant Story, Wolverine

I stumbled upon THIS LIST while youtubing for other stuff. Oh mighty Vagrant Story, it's one of the best games I've played during my school days. Who doesn't agree its greatness - shame on yooo~!

Its opening sequence is also one of my all-time favorite game intros ♥ It's also the game that made me adore both Akihiko Yoshida and Hitoshi Sakimoto more ♥♥

Btw, something short about the new Wolverine movie: OMFG TEH BODEEEHHH...!!!

*drool* >8D~
*droooool* >8D~~


I'm surprised at the number of um... guest stars? Dominic Monaghan, and Ryan Reynolds are not what I expected. Did I mention the actress is hawt too? ;____;

Story? What story? :0

A big thanks to Jason for the night! ;D

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sketch post + some jiwang songs

Drawing guys smoking is enjoyable :D But this looks abit ghey... I miss reading some BL *coughs*

Here's some lagu jiwang that have been looping on my player lately:

Ending theme from The Sky Crawlers. I don't understand 90% of what the lyric's about (there's always my own imagination), but the tune and Ayaka's voice itself are enough to love this song. I've been feeling in the mood to watch a slow anime, and my AD got this, so I thought why not give it a go. So about the movie: Overall it's decent, odd and sad, I wasn't expecting a hidden agenda behind the "Kildren". But I still don't get it why they exist. Though it's slow, it wasn't boring IMO.

Great great great song to listen while you're laying on your bed; about to sleep - It's like a romantic lullaby. Too bad I don't have this on my handphone (a.k.a. mp3 player) yet - Not that I need any help to sleep lately..... Much thanks to someone for recommending me this (and also a few other memorable songs as well).

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sketch post

I've just seen this veteran stand-up comedian being interviewed, "What does laughter means to you?". Although I could barely remember exactly what he replied, but what he said in the end touched me. Thank you for reminding me that.

Happy Belated Birthday to Miaow! ♥ (18th Apr)
Confessions of a Shopaholic was actually good. Enjoyed both dinner & movie, absolutely. Too bad our appetite acts before our brain does, so we failed to take photos of what we ate. Har har..... There's always next time! >8D

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Letter of Resignation. Art. Bunraku

Just printed out my resignation letter, and I got myself another job! ^o^ So it's 'throw letter and face the questionnaires day' tomorrow! XD *gulps* And then there's a 30 days period before I get to leave....... or more? OTL -Never know what excuses would come up.. OR they'd rather terminate me immediately..? *dreams*

There's a few reasons why I'd love to quit my current job, even though it's been only my 3rd month currently. The fact that most of the former staff has left could explain it in a nutshell, and the dreaded feeling I have whenever I woke up to work is enough to tell myself that I'm not happy with this job and the working environment (bosses arguing with each other frm time to time for petty matters as I've witnessed) What I had in mind whenever I think of them is: Ignorant humans. Nuff said. Though I mentioned 'a few', I could go on alot when it comes to complaining.. so I'd better not *grumpy* =_+

Art post!

This is Asuka Yoshimoto, 2nd commission piece for y0sh1r0 and I'm glad he likes it! ^w^ It's been awhile since I drew anything...! Also it's my first time drawing on my new desktop [Luffy 2.0]! (frm 14" screen to 22" screen) *_*;

Also, while wiki-ing on Vocaloid for Gackpoid, I just discovered that Gackt's gonna be in a movie called BUNRAKU, alongside with Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, and Ron Perlman (Hellboy)! OW MAI GAWD. No kidding. Gakuto going for western exposure?? Not sure with the director though; I read from a IMDB board post mentioning that the director himself went to Japan to invite Gackt for the role in a gracious way that he just couldn't refuse it (OF COURSE you won't refuse it dude!) True or not, I'm definitely excited about it!! XDD 2009!

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy CNY!


Wishing everyone a joyous & harmonious year ahead! Anyone has any ang pow to spare, TELL ME. Ohohoho~ *shot*

I was watching Brotherhood of the Wolf on CNY eve. It's a movie directed by Christophe Gans years before he did Silent Hill. And it's a movie loosely based on the historical legend of the 'Beast of Gevaudan'. IMO, it's alooooooooooooot better than Romasanta (which's another movie based on the same legend) 'cos overall, IT WASN'T BORING; and BotW was alot more entertaining even though it's odd to find the characters throwing martial art actions around (a'la Matrix slow-mo sequences) during the 18th century France XD But I LOVE this movie. The plot's a little confusing, super-slow at times, but I still find myself entertained & looking forward to what the main protagonist's gonna do next. Definitely a keep! >w<

While enjoying my CNY holidays, I need to redo my comic submission since it's been rejected (!!!) But it's no surprise since it's crappy T_T I just lack the skills & in desperate need to IMPROVE.. or I'll be kicking my ass out of the company in no time! *despairs* OTL In fact, I hate my 1st story... It's a last minute thought of story. But I won't blame it on that except for my own flawed skills. Sigh.
Never ever give up. Yes. But time is being cruel to me ;___; (it's HOLIDAY for god's sake, I wanna go for a VACATION) T______T So I just hope I could produce something more decent out enough before going to Melaka on Sunday with my ex-ex-colleagues... >_<

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Layout switch. New artbooks, Luffy figs.

Switched layout to one of blogger's for a change.
My orders arrived at my office yesterday (Thursday)! Thanks to Lynling for receiving it for me since I went out for a long lunch >w<; What I bought: Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007, Jewel (Higuri You's 2nd artbook), and Minako Iwasaki's Artworks book. The other 8 books are all Pea's!

This is the Artworks of GGX 2000-2007 artbook, and I really *LOVE* the cover! >_< (the illust, the texture, design). Simple & verrry cool. 19 new illustrations + 5 pages of sketch works + 1 page of 'extra' + 4 pages of a step-by-step process of how Daisuke Ishiwatari illustrate. Well, I guess that's the differences between this and the previous GGX 2000-2004 artbook. And I'm darn happy to own this! >w< *molests cover* <3

Next, I managed to get my hands on 3 Luffy figurines from Y!Taiwan Auction, very much thanks to Amber for all the help~! m(__)m YES! I finally got that POP 3 Luffy figurine! (middle) The left most is POP 1 (smiling Luffy), right most POP 2 (serious Luffy - so bishie desu!!) >o<

Went for Ratatouille during the Merdeka celebration. Amazing animation @.@ I'd want to watch it again. Remy is sooo cute! (and so is his bro) XD

Happy 50th Merdeka, Malaysia~!!!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is how a malfunctioning brain works

It's that kind of moment again, where my mind wanders off thinking about L I F E . Nothing deep basically (how complicated can my mind go anyway..) , just a feeling of being pathetic and miserable.. and booooorrrreeeeddd........ *yawns* So don't read ahead of this post 'cos it's full of nonsense >8D

My RMIT application only got exempted for 3 subjects, which means I'd still have to do 3 years degree if I'm to go for it next year. While I could only manage to afford for 2 years' overseas study + living expenses... OTL *sigh #1*

I basically can't seem to draw anything decent out lately (or ever since I started WORK..?) Despite I've joined the art group in my office for this year's CF, and also there's the company artbook's submission, & also YUE doujin's submissions as well.. And it's already JULY!!! (which's just 4-5 months left to work on submissions!) ... OTL *sigh #2*

I think I need new friends. Or is work making everyone apart and distanced from each other? =_= *sigh #3*

Or even a boyfriend or a girlfriend (heck, I wouldn't mind to be honest) Matchmake anyone?? .................... WHAT AM I THINKING?!?!?!?!??! >O<;;; OTL *sigh #4* I felt like I'm being ignored too. Am I being too friendly or too scary/cold or et cetera... But then again, maybe I'm just plain bored -> sensitive =_= The ironic part is, the attention that I wasn't seeking/expecting eventually comes to me from time to time.. while the attention that I wanted NEVER came. YEY..~ *sigh #5*

Lunch time they were talking about who're the guys in the office now might suit me (why did I ever tell them that I'm blerdy single..??? ARGH) =A=;
Hey, I DO wish there's one (it helps build up motivation at least) BUT, unfortunately there's NONE. NONE NONE NONE.. OTL *sigh #6*

I shall stop & go to sleep now *crawls to bed*

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

1 week in Melbourne!

*blows dust away & whacks the FLY......* OOPS.

I'm currently vacationing at Melbourne with my mom for a week! ^o^ Will be back on next Sunday... and then back to work the very next day... OTL (but it's a good thing... I think?) @A@; I wonder how much am I getting for my first month's wage since I took a week's worth of unpaid leave... ugh. Work was alright, busy, but alright. Though I'd prefer my previous work seat (we've just reorganise our seats in the studio) ;__; Just when I'm beginning to 'like' my seat OTL

Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Went for it the midnight right before I flew to Melbourne in the next morning (Saturday) ^o^ It gets kinda confusing in between their 'agreements' here and there... definitely have to watch it AGAIN (I will anyway) XD Overall it's not bad, more talking/negotiating here and there. Poor Chow Yun Fatt~ D:

I'll want to catch Shrek 3 when I get back..!!! #__#

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year, 恭喜发财!

Happy Chinese New Year to all who're celebrating! ^^
Like every CNY, after our family tea ceremony, my family and I went for lunch at ah-ma's place (dad's side) first. The food are almost similar each year as well: chicken curry, 'zha chu yuk' (by mom), 'fat choy', 'chu tou thong', sea cucumber -idunnowhat, and 1 more pork dish I dunno what name. 4 out of 6 dishes are pork! ^^; Heavy rain poured during late afternoon, and then we went over to poh-poh's place (mom's side) for dinner.

For dinner, poh-poh prepared a simple one 'cos we're all stuffed from our previous meal: 'zha chu yuk' (again, but the dry version, & the *original* 'cos poh-poh made it), braised chicken, and minced-meat + taufu + vege. Yeeeaaaaahhh... and like every CNY's first day, my stomach is stuffed for the WHOLE DAY >8DD *eat first, worry later* Tidbits -> lunch -> dessert -> tidbits again -> dinner -> tidbits -> <(^@^)>
There's no gambling sessions today though, but I don't gamble anyway. Thus end our 1st day of CNY for this year.

Pan's Labyrinth
Anyone who likes dark fairytale stories with a little twist of military-rebels conflict (and some graphical violence) would love this movie. And I love it ^^ except for its graphical violence. The movie poster looks like a Alice in Wonderland or Spirited Away kind of movies for kids but it's NOT. [Spoiler]For example Vidal sewing his slashed mouth (side) with a needle slooowly, Vidal continuously hitting the guy's nose till it breaks & still goes on (in a same camera angle) *ouch ouch ouch* & so on. Some bloody scenes.[/Spoiler] Storywise it's something like Tim Burton's; metaphorical and it'd make you wonder after watching the movie. And I love its cinematography as well T_T (Ofelia's bathroom reminds me Silent Hill)...;;

The Prestige
Good movie no.2, borrowed the disc from Shyu's place ^^ It has lotsa plot twists me thinks (my brain works slow? lol) But I certainly enjoyed this movie. Unexpected events and Hugh Jackman makes me love this movie <3 Didn't notice David Bowie was Tesla until the end credits. And the end credits theme song is good ^^ I've put it up so anyone interested or is looking for it you could download it here ("Analyse" by Thom Yorke).

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

An actual 'diary'...?

This should be a post for yesterday:

Dad and mom went for Cliff Richard at Genting and would be back tomorrow.

Hooli's birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOOLI~ <3 So went for a dinner at the Curve's Kim Gary (sankyuu for the dinner!) Too bad Pea couldn't make it, zannen desu yo. I somehow always thought of senpai whenever I passed by Uptown. Sigh sigh TT_TT *buries self in blanket*

Got Devil May Cry 1 and 2 novel; first thinking it's the manga (actual manga has another cover.. uhuhuhuhh *mistaken*) but glad to get it anyway since I've always wanted to know more about DMC's storyline. And I'm surprised Vol.1's illustrations are by Miwa Shirow o_o! TokyoPop listed Miwa Shirow as Vol.2's illustrator as well but that's actually wrong (how could they make that mistake?) oAO; Vol.2's illustrations were definitely by another artist. Don't know who though.

Later went for yumcha at Taipan with ex-collegemates. Which reminds me about one thing: I'm shocked to find that the guys have just discovered about the phenomena of torrent downloading not too long ago (...they're THAT deprived?) Where have they been all these years? D: *slaps forehead*

I wanna watch Ghost Rider--!!!
Been anticipating it since last mid-year and the most recent trailer seems awesome #_# Just hope the 'awesomeness' is not only all that's shown in the trailer.

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