Thursday, September 24, 2009

It feels artificial now, indeed.

Finally one (or two - w/o the additional live cuts) that plays the 'kaleidoscope' animations smoothly. In contrary of the post's title; I love this PV, & Shiina Ringo; especially in this song.

Not sleeping good lately. Even though 4 days of holidays just passed *despair...*
P.S. Dexter is hawt. Especially when he does that look *unexplainable* AAGH

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Monday, June 15, 2009

BFF. Traumatised. 24. $

It's been a loooong while since the last time I'd seen Ash. Never a dull moment with you again, and I thought it'd be hard to tell you my thoughts, but turned out we actually shared the same situation. It's a mutual understanding we've been sharing for the past xx years. THATSWHYILOVEYOUeventhoughIhatedyouforbeingsuchabusybeetchlol

And a durian seller HAD to ruin my night out by conveying his stupid thoughts to me while blocking the back of my car with his durian truck. I miss durian. But I'm NOT INTERESTED in making friends with a durian seller okaayyy...!!! *traumatised by lameness x9999* Orz (WHY? WHY???)

I'm finally done with 24 season 4! I lovelovelove Tony x Michelle - Didn't know I'm a sucker for sad & romantic relationships. Season 5 next, even though I'd already known few of my favourite characters are gonna be killed off (I spoilt myself) ;__;

Been doing some shopping for the past weeks.
Total # of new loots = 5
(1) Skimmer shoe bronze
(2) Skimmer shoe white
(3) Outdoor shoe
(3) Jeans
(4) Dress
(5) Face powder
Approx. total monies spent = RM510.

What the frigg?! *despair...*

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration .....of Leon's appearance?

I was excited ever since I read the announcement of Resident Evil Degeneration movie since the beginning of this year, which's done in full-length CG by CAPCOM, especially with LEON S. KENNEDY in it. OMG. What could be better than that (other than RE4).


Even RE4's in-game model of Leon looks 200% hotter/decent than the FULL-LENGTH CG MOVIE version of him. Instead, the girls looks fabulous in it. EXCEPT LEON. OH THE INJUSTICE. Someone in the production team must've thought only the dudes play the RE games. That's a HUGE mistake! *a very disappointed Leon fan* OTL

While story-wise... I do think the story's draggy (a 90+ min movie felt like a 3 hour movie), add in some dramatic cliché, and Leon getting romantic?? C'MON... was that necessary? Yet another cliché moments; I would only approve that if he's with Ada Wong but sigh, she's non-existent in the movie - WHICH also means, no Albert Wesker.

Even the 'monster boss' looks like a random clone of William Birkin from RE2. GAH. Does Claire even need to be in this movie? I don't see much of her role's importance. They should've given Claire MORE significance to the story plot instead of bringing up some unknown female character (Angela) =_= Overall, I would say it's better than them RE live-action movies; at least Claire's & Leon's personality weren't heavily butchered.

End of unsatisfactory thoughts. I can eat my dinner now.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Remember to VOTE VOTE VOTE for David Archuleta!!!

I might be late, but it's never too late anyway - SO, I just knew about this: International fans can now vote for David Archuleta through I'm not sure if it'll be free in doing so, I haven't got the time & brain energy to figure it out since it's almost 2AM now & I need SLEEP 3__3; WHY didn't I open my email few days earlier! Orz...

Right now my opinion consists of 75% possibility of David advancing to next week, & the remaining percentage that's he's not (considering all the shocking early eliminations thus far) - It's worrying, since it's down to only 4 contestants now. From last week's results show, David clearly seemed (very very) shocked himself that he's returning for this week's Top 4. He's *GOT* to be in at least Top 2!

All the best to David in the upcoming show! *prays*


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dullness. David A. David C.

I don't have the mood to talk about my work at the new company except for 1 word: D U L L . Ta-dah~! n00b human walking. American Idol was what made me looking forward toward this week & the next & the next & so on... (yes, I ought to have a 'life'). And I'm also looking forward to the release of GTA:IV! >8D

David Archuleta - Think of Me

Speechless. I'm already a fan *has a cut-out photo of him on my table cork board* (THANK YOU, STAR newspaper!) & I definitely love whatever he sings simply because of his voice. I LOVE his voice, and it'd especially stand out whenever he sings songs like these. He did that fan sign yet again, this time in a very obvious & readily way IMO XD AAAAHHAHAHH *dies happily* Ryan seems to like picking on him; Leaving him on stage, the prom date question, choosing sides, & now letting some girl audiences to hug him before he performs *envy~* >A<; Anyway, we get to see the humble side of him on stage <3

I like David Cook's "The Music of the Night" as well. In fact, he's rapidly becoming my other favorite next to David Archuleta. And this week's performance of his has proved he could do great vocals too!

Wanted to rewatch the performances again on youtube but I'm tired sitting in front of the screen all day 3_3 Guess I'll do that tomorrow or weekends. HURGH~!
Some gaming before I hit the sack..... or not. Good day & let today, tomorrow & the following days/months be more colourful & pleasant~~ *hopeful eyes*

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Bday Miaow! A news. KL drive. David A - When You Believe

Happy Birthday to Miaow!!! >8D
Many many happy wishes to her & hopefully her dream will come true someday soon! <3<3<3 Can't wait till Sunday & we have a nice yummy dinner yaarrr! (yay mar'che~) 8D~~~

I've got a somewhat good news, all I'm sad is that I'm gonna lose my 'days of staying up all night & sleeping in the morning' UNEXPECTEDLY REAL soon T__T It's unhealthy to stay that way (with no income) but I still love doing that & I'm so gonna miss it.. Orz

And and... I drove to KL for the first time yesterday (Wednesday)!! Me and Ash went down to Jalan Ipoh to check out a travel agency. On the way back to PJ, I almost hit a car in the back with a sudden break on time thanks to the wet road. PHEW. The buses in front just stopped in the middle lane. GRR! Luckly I was driving a Kenari with a super short front. Thank god!

David Archuleta - When You Believe

I wasn't mentally & emotionally prepared & was surprised he sang 1st! @_@; Gosh, leather pants, short-sleeved shirt, he's actually doing that secret FAN SIGN when he held his hands over his heart (I once read about this 'mission' from a Fan Blast post, but I'd admit; I didn't expect it to happen, but he actually got the message & he did it! T_T More about it here) AND he's singing a song that happens to be one of my favorite song from The Prince of Egypt (honestly I didn't know it was by Mariah Carey & Whitney Housten) *shot* What can I say? I'm a very happy fan! *dies*

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Some game rants, Art post, David A - Angels

I miss my PS2. I also miss the days I get to enjoy playing RPGs all day long on my PS1 without much worries (homeworks: 3/4 were copied, exams: 2 hours of study perday, school curriculum activies: 98% ponteng).

Final Fantasy VII
was my first RPG game; that's the reason why my bro got our PS1. Wild Arms or Breath of Fire III were my 2nd/3rd RPG game. Suikoden I & II, Xenogears came later. Resident Evil 3 was my first survival horror game thanks to a friend of mine who 'forced' me to play it (I was scared of playing RE games, but not till I actually play it! >8D) King of Fighters '96 was my first fighting game on the PS1. As for PS2, my first RPG game was Final Fantasy X. First survival horror was Silent Hill 2, first action adventure was Devil May Cry. And the rest I lost count.

My first PS3 game is Devil May Cry 4! ^o^ Finally got it yesterday at Summit after going for Street Kings with Ash (then rushing back home for American Idol 7 on 8TV). The shop dude was giggling at the way I took out my money (kept my monies at separate places: wallet, pants & bag pocket - don't ask me why) #_# And it's NOT cheap okay? The only other thing I'm willing to pay RM200 or above are books or a hair makeover (like once a year?) =A=

Art post:

A commission from y0sh1r0 on his OC, Takayuki. Here's only the lineart of it. Finally I have some art to post...!

David Archuleta - Angels

David performing "Angels" by Robbie Williams on his Top 8 Inspirational Songs Week. Somehow it's expected he'd sing this song @_@ "Despite what you're going through, there's always a light in the end of the tunnel". You go, boy! His live performance was better than his studio version IMO 'cos I *LOVE* how he ends his song in the performance <3 >83

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Too stubborn to sleep. David A - Smoky Mountain Memories

Even though I kept reminding myself to sleep earlier & wake up earlier each day, it ends up the same in the end :\ It's SUPER hard to discipline myself in sleeping early. It's because I LOVE spending time or doing work during the midnight silence, and it's less hot. I should find a midnight shift job >D


Taken from Nightcat yet again. I find the banner interesting in fact XD

David Archuleta - Smoky Mountain Memories.

As far as I know, I've never seen & listen to a live performance that could make me go teary. That fact has changed now ever since I saw David first performed "Heaven", "Imagine" & then most recently "Smoky Mountain Memories". It's another ballad that brings people the 'chills'; at least that's what I felt whenever I watch & listen to this. His voice & the way he sings could really connects people towards the song *swoons* <3


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The David Archuleta "You're The Voice" Project

I owed my copy of "You're the Voice" to a kind volunteer of YTV Project, and they're really doing a great work together on bringing David Archuleta's Top 10 song choice's inspirational message across the globe to fans & non-fans alike in a manner of unity & charity. How cool is that? :D

I'll just quote a paragraph from their main site:

"Many fans in the US and around the world have started the David Archuleta "You're the Voice" Project in order to rally people behind a common cause of inspiration and motivation for the future. By way of spreading David's version of "You're the Voice" around the world, connecting David's fans in the US and overseas through the gift of song, we hope to motivate people to unite. However, we are hoping it does not end there. We are hoping to be a charity group, recruiting volunteers and raising money to help people in need and to deliver the message of unity and goodwill that David exemplifies to all of us. All of these services will be credited to David himself because he inspired all of us to not only find the good in one another but also to find the good in ourselves."

Anyone who would like to support & purchase David's "You're the Voice" from iTunes but couldn't do so because of accessibility or financial difficulties or for whatever reasons, YOU CAN GET YOURSELF A FREE 'GIFT' from their own pre-purchased copy of YTV courtesy by fans in the US!

Not to forget, if you're living in the US & is willing to volunteer & help this project grow, don't hesitate to contact them as well. Spread the word to any David fans you know! ^o^ For complete information, just visit their Facebook site or click on the image above.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tired tired tired. David A - You're the Voice

Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest friend, Ashwin. Spent the entire Friday out with her: Morning - KWSP Office, Afternoon - Subang Parade, Night - Sunway Pyramid & Taipan's Starbucks... OTL *dead tired but too stubborn to go sleep*
I missed this week's AI7 Results show! ;__;

David Archuleta - You're the Voice.

I've only began to recognize the song once he sang the chorus of the song. *WO~OOH~OHH~OH-OOOH~!* I used to listen to it from somewhere long time ago but I can't remember though. He seems nervous at first..? XD But I still think it's a great performance. Also, by now every David A's fans would know that this song he performed has a strong message to every fans throughout the world. YEAH.

So anyone who has access to iTunes, PLEASE SUPPORT DAVID & BUY HIS TUNES~! "You're the Voice" studio version is without a doubt, another brilliant song by him.

BTW, I realised my song player has already exceeded its bandwidth limit.. AGH~ I didn't expect it to exceed *this* fast 3_3; I'm just gonna put up only David A's songs from now on since I'm a fan. But again, please support & buy his tunes through iTunes if you like listening to it. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL --- THOSE WHO CAN VOTE: KEEP VOTING FOR DAVID A!!! If you're a fan, never ever stop voting so vote for him each & every week! Vote! Vote! Vote! >8D

Pets World 2008 Exhibition Show @ Mid Valley 28-30th March
If I'm not mistaken on the banners I saw on the road; First I actually mistook the banner for a 'missing pet ad'. That photo of a dog is just so wrong. Or is it just me...;;;

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Friday, March 21, 2008

AI7 Top11 - David Archuleta's "The Long & Winding Road"

By far this is another instant favorite since he did "Imagine" by John Lennon during his Top20 performance. OMG, the rabid fangirl SCREAMS!!! =3=; (erm.. I'd do the same thing if I were there though... bleh) It's overwhelming; and it's funny when Randy's trying to break in through the screams to begin his comment XD So I youtube-d for David's performance & manage to find a good quality clip:

*squeals* ARGH. As Randy said, he's brought the HAWTNESS back! YESH. I'm SO glad & happy. What's notable was Simon praising his performance as "masterclass" ...and he clapped o_o How often does that happen? I don't know though, I wasn't an avid AI fan previously. But I know something like that doesn't happen much from a judge like Simon. My fav comment was Paula's though:

"..the fact that you could rise above adversity, & come back strong; that challenge doesn't builds character, it reveals character."

T__T That's a perfect one for David. WhoO-!!!
Now I'm wondering how to get a hold of David's "Long & Winding Road" studio version, since Malaysia doesn't have iTune..... (we can't vote, at least let us buy his tunes..?) Orz *is playing's audio player instead* I'd preferred the performance's version, but the studio's version is still great & I WANT IT \(>A<)/ <3<3<3


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Did some new changes here, and added a MyFlashFetish player to the top sidebar *points* There's only a few tunes by David Archuleta at the moment since I'm usually listening to these only lately *YEAH!* "Angels in the Alleyway" & "The Most Beautiful Part About This Is..." are by Me'rrick Christensen (ft. David Archuleta).

Also revamped my portfolio site, and given a new very simple face lift to's main site. Somehow, I just realised my portfolio's layout color is dull (duller from bro's LCD monitor..) Orz

I've been refraining from viewing David A's recent performance online.. (it's more exciting to watch on the big screen) Can't wait for tonight's American Idol 7 on 8tv!! <3

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Portfolio. David~! <3

I kept hearing weird noises at the moment, and I think it might be my dog's stomach..? o_o; (she didn't eat anything the entire day!) There's food in her bowl left few hours ago but she didn't touch it at all. Currently she's soundly asleep on the mat by the curtains. OYE...

I have so many games I want to play (or continue) ! It should be an opportunity for me to do so now, but at the same time I'm having doubts of getting a job with my current portfolio. To be frank, I 'sighed' whenever I thought about my portfolio... I think it's not good enough, plus I don't have any work related to web designing. It's a shame for that to happen since I was a Multimedia Design graduate *SHAME~* My diploma works was so 'ancient' I'd rather keep it in the dark =3=;

So in order to remedy that, my top priority now is to create 2 random websites with a decent design/template by the end of this month! At least with that, I could start applying for jobs with extra confidence. A person used to say that; "sometimes experiences & skills are the result by force" or something like that.. and I think it's true o__o

bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Store

Interesting yar? XD Taken from Nightcat.

I am currently obsessed with a 17 year old boy.. and his name is David Archuleta..! o_O *gets shot*
David wasn't at his best on last week's AI performance.. but it seems most of the guys did bad on last week I reckon..? David must've chosen a livelier song since Simon commented that David was getting gloomy on his previous performance of a song by Phil Collins (but David's EXCELLENT on ballad/slow songs IMO) >w< His voice got me obsessed with him *watching & rewatching his clips on youtube* and well, he's undeniably cute..! Just hope he'll pick the perfect song & do what he's best at on his next performance!!! *SOKONG 120%!* Yo~

Photo taken from

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