Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tokyo trip loots...

...that I'm proud to own! >8D

Kazuma Kaneko's PANDEMONIUM Vol. 1~3 & ShinMegaTen Devil Summoner World Guidance bookssss.
These 3 PANDEMONIUM books (Black, Red & Purple) had been in my wishlist ever since I knew the awesomeness of Kazuma Kaneko years ago, but couldn't get my hands on it since it's all out of publication for a long time. Finding these 3 books was one of my objective in this Tokyo trip. Just gotta LOVE second-hand bookstores ♥♥♥ (Purple book frm K-Books in Akiba, Black & Red frm Mandarake in Nakano Broadway) Each page is worth every single yen spent, and I'm definitely treasuring these 3 books even though it's 2nd-handed, which's still in mint quality ^^

Whaddyacallit... bell keychains/straps.
For some reason I knew Japan sells a variety of these kinda bells that produce a low jingly sound. And it's true, almost everywhere are selling these kinds of bell. I got 3 for myself (another 2 are frm Disneyland). Just love the sound of it, it's quite therapeutic for someone weird like me lol. One thing I kinda regretted not getting is the wind chime I saw in Senso-ji Temple..... aahh it's only 300yen anyway stupid me~ *pictures that 300yen wind chime in her mind & despair for not getting it* ...

Phoenix Wright strap!
You're not a Phoenix Wright fan unless you own at least one of his merchandise! HAHA! Now I do~How could you resist a cute chibi Phoenix pointing forward with "OBJECTION!"

Sorta 'Cowboy' hat
Frm Disneyland! (ahh the shape's gone off a little thanks to my unskilled folding skill while packing) .. I've always wanted a cowboy-looking hat. Not sure where else I'm gonna wear this though, it just feels perfectly normal wearing this around Tokyo ;__; (Random person: Then why the heck do you bought it for?)

Random pattern bag
Got this from the shops in Senso-ji Temple. And another pattern for Ash. It's BROWN, with some retro-harmony colours/patterns with it = LOVE = BUYI was stuck between 3 varieties of this design (beige, baby pink or baby blue) YUE group majority votes for beige, so beige it is! It's just a simple non-heavy duty bag, but the design is yummy. I dunno WTH is 'Diana & Francis' though.

There are still some other loots that I'm fond of; one of it are the ice-gel packs they provide along with cold dessert takeaways (to keep the dessert cool)... Some people might say I'm silly to keep these stuff back, but I think the ice-gel packs are cool 0__0
I miss Tokyo food already.... delicious vendoring machine gyudon~ salty ramen~ salmon+ebiko onigiri~ takoyaki~ purin~ Food we ate are usually below 1000yen for 2-3 person (we shared meals all the time). The last few days I survived on 100yen noodle cup & less than 200yen onigiris for dinners. It's kinda pathethic in other people's POV, but to me it's something memorable & sweet desu :'D

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If I had a tail like a dog...'d probably be making a buzzing sound from shaking so quickly with hidden joy.
"Aah, I'm so lucky that I'm not a dog". I thought to myself with relief.
Thinking that, I was amazed at myself for being such an idiot.

After a (sorta) 10 days vacation in Tokyo, Japan - here I am back at home. And I miss Tokyo already. MUCH. Please teleport me back even just for 5 minutes. Yes, I enjoyed the trip very very very much. Thank you Pea, Miaow & Iluna, for making this trip memorable indeed. Hmm photos? Uhm I'll leave the selecting, resizing & uploading job for another day where I'd have more time to spare (I guess you could say I'm abit tad lazy...) *shot* For some odd reasons, I miss the train rides... especially the train station in Ikebukuro (West exit... West exit...) ^^;

And watching 5cm/s by Makoto Shinkai (recommended by Iluna) just makes me miss the trains even more ;__;

I'm up for some emo anime & 5cm/s IS emo... Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good; sad romance with lotsa symbolism, & I like that combination. Here's a quote frm the youtube itself abt this OVA: This film gives a realistic view of the struggles many face against; time, space, people, and love. The movie is named 5 Centimeters Per Second for the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall- petals being a metaphorical representation of humans, reminiscent of the slowness of life and how people often start together but slowly drift into their separate ways. Yesh, do watch it.

5cm/s is a total opposite genre from me being recently converted into a Saint Young Men fangirl... Anyone who's interested in Jesus-Buddha coming down to earth for a vacation in Japan humour, PLEASE. DO. READ. Saint Onii-san~I didn't expect that much hilarity in it till I was actually hooked to it when I take a look on Pea's SYM books. There's a regret in me for not getting the Saint Evangelion doujin we saw in Mandarake.... the cover illust itself is a WIN.

Another recent fandom is HETALIA (Axis Powers HETALIA), which's popular among girls in Japan now. A few rows of coin figurines could vanish in just a day.. (ah.. Russia....................... I was too late... TT_TT) It started as a satire webcomic about historical facts & relations during World War I & II countries; which's represented by mostly male characters. Thus far, I'm still fond of Russia. "VODKA~~~~~~"

I need a shower...
I wish there's a Yoyogi Park here where I could take a picnic observing trees & birds while listening to the faint ambience sound of an uncle practicing with his saxophone...

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cameron Highlands

Really, I'm feeling alright now. Thanks for the condolences & thoughts. Though I couldn't not think about, hey what if I say "No, I'm not doing fine"...? What then? I wasn't expecting anything from my previous emo post. Though the last thing I need now is sympathy.


• Bid our final farewell to Ah Mah around 10.20am. I finally got the courage to look at her one last time, couldn't step away from her for a long while since I arrived. I just realised that I've not seen Ah Mah w/o her glasses. Now I do! Looking at her frail hands; how it used to shake when she's trying to beckon to someone. She turned frail & weak for years, unable to talk in a normal way anymore. You'll forever be missed!
• Rushed to Cameron Highlands right after with bus. We've decided to put up Michael Jackson's HIStory video up as our first in-ride entertainment (tribute? lol) 2nd in-ride entertainment was Aunties-Uncles karaoke session... I heart my W800 superb capability as a mp3 player in this situation.
• Reached destination almost evening. Not much to see basically except pretty flowers. Very peaceful place, cool lodging. I love the temperature.
• Technician came to set up the karaoke set in the lodge while everyone
went pasar malam. Uncle Dennis (who didn't go) couldn't resist singing afew songs himself, later pulled me in to join him for some old English songs.
• Steamboat dinner. Whiskey + lemonade = yum! And again, I forgot what it was. Karaoke session again after dinner. It was actually enjoyable lol. My voice hurts right after.
• Cutting cake ceremony for Poh-Poh. LOTSA photo sessions. I bet Poh-Poh's eyes are blinded with her dear grandchildrens' camerassssss.
• Food just kept continue pouring in. I think I've gained a kg from all these continuous consumption..!
• Rolls around bed in the late night because of boredom *lame*

Outside view of the the lodge's balcony.


• Had a western breakfast in a mamak nearby (part of the package). How interesting. Rushed back to the lodge right after for another brief cutting cake ceremony (phew..) and finally we get to eat the big cake. It was GOODNever thought carrot cake would taste this good.
• Checked out around 10.30am. A short stop at the Bharat Tea Farm. Bus ride down was horrible.
• Reached bro's house around 4.30pm +_+

• Dinner with Ash.

Overall I like the place, but it was a boring vacation for me frankly. I wasn't in the mood for social activities ^^; Sorry.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Back from Singapore! PLAY! Symphony <3

Went Singapore with Pea & a gang of CF members last Friday night / Saturday midnight & just got home not too long ago!

PLAY! Symphony
was super awesome~~~!!!!!
>O< ^O^ TOT My eyes were actually covered with tears when they were performing some of the game soundtracks (I was too happy/touched/getting sentimental/etc.) AAAHH~ ENCORE ENCORE~~~!!! <3<3<3 They've actually encored twice! <3 Arnie Roth was cool! The organ pipe performer was cool as well! And Takenobu Mitsuyoshi was unexpectedly performing solo the DAYTONA theme, which he originally composed - he's so genki! XD I especially enjoyed Super Mario, Lost Odyssey, Castlevania, Shenmue II, Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger + Cross, and of course, FFVII's One Winged Angel (it's encored!) <3<3<3

The only disappointing thing was there wasn't any Silent Hill scores performed, even though Akira Yamaoka was one of the featured composers in the (whooping S$30!) booklet!! >A< He's actually attending PLAY!'s upcoming performance as a guest performer in Sydney..!!! T___T (YE BLERDY NO FAIR!) But overall, I'm still DAMN happy to attend it. FOOKING WORTH IT! COME TO MALAYSIA DANGIT!!!!! (& bring Akira Yamaoka too!) >A<

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Back from Melbourne on last Sunday night. Touched down at 9.30pm, and reached home around 10.30-11pm - took a half day leave from work on the next day X_X I do miss the cold weather and (clean) living environment in Melbourne. Sigh.
And of course, brought back a box filled with CHOCOLATES!!! >8DD <3<3<3

Recently changed my table seat at work AGAIN (exchange, to be exact) though I think I prefer this new location; more space, less distraction (there's nothing much to 'view' from where I'm facing) & colder ^^ But sadly this may not be permanent...! OTL OTL I don't understand why I'd need to return to my previous seat later on since it wouldn't make much difference; organisation-wise. And it's just wasting time + energy to unplug-plug & shift stuffs again... =3= DUH

It's kinda sad I hardly have any time to draw, play or online since I started this job. Gotta figure out and reorganise my time again. I WANT to draw and finish my FFXII!! OTL

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